Mackie Onyx 24.4 (2006)

Hey all, just wondering if anyone has previously or is currently using an older Mackie Onyx 24.4 - from around 2006 period?
If so, do you know if these units suffer the same noise floor issues as the newer post-Mackie-takeover era units? I had a 1402 VLZ4 and it was a little meh in terms of background noise levels.

Thank you :pray:

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Yeah, I used one for live sound for a while. There were a few channels that were noisier than others, but I’d chalk that up to age and use prior to my purchasing. Not a huge difference from the VLZ series that I’ve tried.

In general, I’d say the noise was manageable for live non-electronic instruments, but not really ideal for recording electronics. Also, it’s over 15 years old at this point, so even under the best conditions, there are bound to be some quirks and issues.

But damn, is that board flexible. So many routing options and a really powerful EQ.
Best of luck, whatever you decide.

Thanks very much for your response, that’s helpful and yes the EQ and flexibility are what’s calling me. I may have found a pristine example that’s barely been used, so hoping that any noise floor/cross talk issues are not a problem. Cheers

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