macOS 13 Ventura: What runs, what not

NI have finally updated Maschine and Komplete Kontrol today for Silicon. Compatible with Ventura


Thanks for this mate, might actually update now.

There is no point for Intel users to go over Catalina


Great to see NI slowly coming back. They’ve clearly struggled with technical debt the past couple of years with all the aging codebases they’ve been holding onto, but it looks like they’re making the changes they need to make.

Yasss!! Thank you for flagging this release!

I was bored over the weekend and did the upgrade. Not before creating an image of my SSD with Carbon Copy Cloner. I went from Catalina straight to Ventura. No specific feature I wanted. Maybe Stage Manager. I had some issues with Catalina lately, Mac not shutting down, booting took very long. Mac would not sleep. That seems to be fixed.

So far everything works.

Most astonishing is that my good old Firewire Interface Focusrite Saffire 56 still works with the drivers I had installed. And using TB3 to TB2 to Firewire adapters…

Website says it is no longer supported but it seems Apple did not change too much in that area. Cool!.

Overbridge works (tested with Digitone), Roland Cloud does as well as does Ableton Live. This is on an 2018 Mac mini, if I do not find any issues I will upgrade my M1 MacBook Air as well. If I find any issues I will restore from my Backup.

compatibility list. constantly being updated

DJ library management software (for me Rekordbox and Engine DJ) won’t recognize SD cards on Ventura

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Anyone using adobe (photoshop/indesign/illustrator)? Any issues?

Illustrator (and the associated CC downloader, etc.) work fine for me. I can’t speak to any of the other Adobe apps, though.

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I’m about to push the button a new MacBook pro.
retailers says it has Ventura installed - though I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not true.

If it does come with Ventura I will test my full Creative Cloud license on it.

I’ll return here if/when any updates.


looks like a few issues with photoshop - though they look like issues I already get now and again with the “OK” window not showing up…

Worth knowing.

I wouldn’t be intending to run CC on the MacBook for at least 6 months anyway.
I only do design work on desktop machines, and my studio is holding way back on the OS for the foreseeable.

Anyone else have a Rytm mk1, running over Overbridge? I’m having problems with MacOS 13 (2019 MacBook Pro_ and that last MacOS 12 update (cylinder Mac Pro).

Elektron are looking into it, but it’s broken here. AK and A4 mk1 are OK.

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As suspected the new MacBook doesn’t have Ventura installed.

I’ll be sticking with Monterey for now.

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I just read in cdm that obs 29 + osx13 has native systemaudio capture. No need for loopback weirdness anymore.


yep, it works, nice!

Mac Studio M1 Ultra here, updated to Ventura, and nothing is working!

Ableton is freezing on startup, RME mixer takes like 5 minutes to open (jumping like crazy before it finally starts ).

Reinstalled both - still the same!


Not sure, maybe it caused by something else, but I have to downgrade. Let’s see… hope there will be no need to format drive… everything was perfect with Monterey, I’ve just messed something with sudo commands in terminal (never again!) and decided to fix it with Ventura installation. Seems like it was quite a reckless idea!

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It seems like it’s taking longer for audio software companies to catch up with Ventura than it has for the past few versions of macOS. Like Arturia for example; I can’t remember them ever going into the new year still having a “hold off upgrading “ warning for the latest OS upgrade.

I’m usually at least a little tuned into what’s happening on an architectural level with the operating system, but I’m not even aware of what has caused so much trouble this time.

Good spot for reference of compatibility