macOS 13 Ventura: What runs, what not

Hi there, I just upgraded my Intel Mac to macOS 13 Ventura. Normally many audio programs have difficulties with a new macOS version. But so far everything runs fine:

Ive startet a few programs without any problems:

Ableton 11.2.5
Bitwig 4.4
Overbridge with Syntakt
Fabfilter Pro Q 3
Melodyne 5
Soundtoys 5
iLok Manager

Only sonible smartEQ could not find a bunch of presets because it has not the proper rights to access the folder, but this should be fixable.

First impression: You can use your iPhone as a camera for vid-conferences now (runs great) and the system settings have a new design. The stage manager is very nice, if you operate with many windows. Upgrade ran smooth within 10 to 20 Minutes or so.

What are your experiences?

Update 26.10., also running:
Studio One 5.5 and 6
RME Totalmix USB
Logic 10.7.4
Final Cut Pro
Reason Suite 11
NI Machine 2
NI Reaktor 6
Rogue Amoeba Soundsource
SoundID Reference
Toneboosters Morphit
112db Redline Monitor
izotope Installer
Exponential Audio R2 / Phoenix Verb 6.0.1

Update 27.10. also runs:
Pro Tools 2022.10 (still no native Apple support, but really efficient intel code)
Cubase 12.040

so everything is fine, also update my main Studio Machine with an M1. Good to go for production :slight_smile:


I’ve been on the beta for a while, and Loopback by Rogue Amoeba (useful if you’re doing any kind of DAW=>OBS was a notable holdout that didn’t work until really recently, but it’s fine now.

Bitwig and all of my VSTs have been working just fine since I first switched to the beta, surprisingly.

yes, they updated it over the weekend, runs fine now.

I’ve only had one machine running the beta’s which I’ve updated to the final today and the only thing on there is Ableton which worked and works fine. I don’t update my studio machine often as everything works and it’s dedicated for music making. Updating stuff might break something like Overbridge or a VST.

A studio machine doesn’t have to be connected to the internet at all. My studio machine still runs Catalina and when that stops getting security updates I won’t be worried because it’s not connected to the internet. External disks and usb sticks are plenty fast nowadays.

I do think manufactures are a bit lazy with their updating. I understand things need to be tested by manufacturers but I also think it shouldn’t take ages after a new macOS is released for software to be compatible because the beta builds have been available for many months. Manufactures have gotten ample time to update and test their software.

It won’t be long until we see macOS 14 beta’s. Apple has a release schedule where they drop a new major release every year. I don’t like it but it is how it is. It wasn’t always like that and I prefer them working and supporting one version of macOS longer but Apple has changed its mind about that. But it isn’t hard to anticipate and plan ahead with the yearly updates as a manufacturer.

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Think I’ll be waiting a bit on this one. Usually wait to see where UAD is at with it - looks like no official support yet.

Also there’s nothing about the release that’s of interest, it’s upgrading just for the sake of it, and potentially breaking things. Monterey seems to have calm waters so I think I’m just gonna wade there a while longer.

Honestly I think the whole planet could benefit from a biannual upgrade cycle from Apple on Mac, with every second year being a security update and feature or two.

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If anyone is able to test: Reason 12, NI Komplete and Renoise it would be greatly appreciated.

It would be great to have an option to press a button on the keyboard to switch cameras (ie. between the Mac’s internal one and the iPhone). Is such a thing available on anything yet?

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Updated only my work Macbook. Man what were they thinking of that new System Settings? Just doesn’t look right and a fair few things disappeared on my first initial look. Will have a play later.

An Intel mac with Ventura installed?
sounds like that crazy russian car tuning…

It looks like a desktop version of iPadOS. It started in Big Sur with increased spacings and larger touch-like controls such a volume and brightness. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple drops a touch enabled laptop within 2 years with a new OS that blurs the lines between iPadOS and macOS completely.

As a test I’ve installed Overbridge and some other apps on my Ventura machine (Mac mini 2018) and it all works as expected. I was worried stuff like Overbridge might need to be updated but I’m happy to see it works fine. Both in standalone mode and in combination with Logic and Ableton. Most surprisingly I didn’t get a warning this time about me loading a kext from 2014 to use my old but very sweet sounding little Teac amp.

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I was using my iPhone camera as a remote camera on my Mac on a Zoom call today. Works great and now I can use the iPhone camera for close up stuff…great focus and picture quality.

But can you switch between the cameras easily?

Yeah, in Zoom just select the caret next to the video button and it’s automatically listed as a camera. When you select it the Mac connects to the iPhone…takes about a second. Seamless and doesn’t require you to set anything up.



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Still on Catalina. I used to wait one year before updating but Big Sur seemed like a huge pain in the butt, Monterey nothing special I was interested in and Ventura? No idea what these new OSes bring to the table but they always break something that was working just fine for no real benefit (from my point of view of course, YMMV). But if Ventura doesn’t break too much things I may update this time so that I’m not too far behind and plugin manufacturers stop supporting my actual OS version… so? will watch this thread with interest :sweat_smile: (if somebody can fill me in about the killer features in these new OSes, would love to hear that as I kinda lost interest around Big Sur)


Would anyone be up for testing whether or not Copperlan works on Ventura/M1? I realize most people won’t have the relevant hardware but it might be worth a shot anyway. Thanks in advance!

Sweet, UAD’s good:

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Took the leap.

Renoise 3.4.2 OK
Ableton 11 OK
Bitwig 4.4 OK

Plugins seem ok except the newly updated “M1 Native” Native Instruments VST3 Effects seem to fail in Bitwig and Renoise (Ableton ok)

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Just checked, and my pre-2018 MacBook Air is incompatible with macOS Ventura.