Mad retrig on scene B

Hi guys,

Hope you doing well.

I turned on the OT tonight and have a mad retriger on scene .

If a retrig is set on scene B it’s still playing one retrig when it’s on full A

The A is working normaly, and I’ve tried all kind of combination I need to turnscene B of to stop the retrig.

OT was working normaly yesterday.

Any idea ?

This is normally caused when the calibration of the crossfader is off. I guess in your case it doesn’t reach fully its 0 position (SceneA).

The following thread describes how to calibrate the crossfader:

You can also find other related threads by using the search function.


Great, many thanks.
I had a look in the treads, didn’t really know what to search though.
I’m pretty new to OT …2 1/2 weeks together…

Have you solved this issue? I have the same issue as you but haven’t been able to calibrate it or just didn’t work. I move the fader, green at both extremes, pressed func + B, press Fund + A but same results…when Fader is at full A is not really at full A…

Hi Kielov,

Sorry for being so late I’ve seen your message.

Yes it solved the issue, I had do do it twice though.

hope you’ll fix it as well.

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Hi @BassKult,

No problem, thank you anyway! I had to take it to the service, I couldn’t make it work, I tried calibrating it several times, replacing the fader…I hope It can be repaired.