Made a Chrome extension

I put together a quick Chrome extension to tweak the forum appearance and behaviour a little bit.

It does two things:

[li]Replaces the square Soundcloud widgets with the usual ones[/li]
[li]Puts the read/unread status for posts in one line[/li]

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s a bit wobbly in places. If someone posts a SC set, it’s going to add a widget for each track in the set.

If it looks like it might be useful to you while we’re waiting to see how the features for the forum develop, you can grab it here.

You can install it by unzipping it and following these steps:

It works in the latest stable version of Chrome (on a Mac, for sure). And I’m open to feature requests.

me applauds that you know how to do it… I wouldn’t have a clue…
but to be honest…

I just wished they did the normal soundcloudplayer instead of that cube by default on the forum itself…

I cant skip bits in that cube… and that suxx ass-monkey…
not everybody has a great start to their songs… if I cant skip bits… I will listen to the first 10seconds… and if it aint my taste… I will skip the whole song… I rather skip a few seconds… see if its gets better… until I listen/skip to the end of the song… or the reverse… if I really like a bit… play that bit over and over again…

Yeah I’m with you there, I like being able to skip around.

I was digging into the markup for the forum posts, and there’s stuff there that suggests it was being thought about. Some hidden controls for prev, next etc. So maybe there are some media player refinements on the cards.

if they add extra controls for this… I can live with it… but… I am not always sure that extra fancy is better then just plain functional :slight_smile:

I’ve made a small update to the extension to unpin the forum footer from the bottom of the page (on topic pages only); it will scroll with the posts.

Link to download is:

Chrome won’t let me install this extension, apparently for security reasons. i’m clueless as to how to circumvent this.

Yeah, Chrome has gotten strict for anything not hosted on their web store. The first post in this topic has some instructions (in the last image) you can follow. I’ll add these to the zip file at some point to make it easier for people.

I’ve added the install instructions to the zip file, and the download link is now:

lol apparently i’m too stupid to read instructions, works now. thanks!