Maelstrom (techno artist) & Elektron Gear

I’ve been listening to Maelstrom again lately; I’m a huge fan. Every time I listen to Maelstrom, I start jonesing for an Analog Four. He always manages to get really big/evil sounds from it that are more to my taste. Anyone else a fan of Maelstrom’s work using Elektron gear?

This sounds like A4 percussion to me.

Can anyone with an A4 tell me if the sound at 3:28 is possible with the A4? It sounds more like a Virus to me, but I’m not sure.

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Sounds like the old deadmau5 pluck drenched in fm. Probably a soft synth like Serum. Too much upper harmonics present, rather than the duller sound of the virus.
Just a wild guess though

But you think definitely not A4 too? I’m only guessing it’s the Virus because in interviews, he says he only uses the A4 and Virus TI for sounds. This particular track does feature another artist though.

That live clip you posted is just detune saw wave arpeggios. And that 3:28 sound is that damn preset from NI Massvie Brutal Electro a bit modified, most over used preset in Vst history :slight_smile:

The arpeggio part sounds like it could be done on the A4, or anything really. That part that you say is Massive; I dig that sound. Haven’t ever messed around with Massive before.

Don’t try it, it might make you sell your Virus :joy:
Massive is good but Serum is friggin awesome

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Are you saying if I try Serum, I might find my way back to just working in the box? I have to admit, the trouble I’m having with finding a hardware solution for sequencing the way I want, and proper side-chaining in a compact enough package is frustrating me right now.

Like you selling gear for the Virus, that’s exactly what I did when I got Serum.
Sold my Virus TI2, Nord 4 and Blofeld at the time.
No regrets, it really is that good.
Ridiculously crisp and clear sound. Steve Duda from Xfer is an absolute genius.
I only produce around a computer and daw, and it was just silly to have hardware that didn’t sound as good.
Do miss the Nord 4 though, just an amazing interface to work with and will probably buy another just cause it’s red.
If you work in the box, Serum is compulsory imo

Check these vids out with the master himself

The only DAW I’ve really gotten along well with is Reason, and with it’s latest updates, I’ve really been tempted to give it another shot with a proper quad core laptop. I was thinking of maybe selling some things to get a souped up MacBook Pro.

Now, that Reason is compatable with VSTs, using Serum with it is an option. I’m seriously so sick of trying to find the right sequencer that can do everything I want/need. Basic shit too like smooth gradual automations for things like filter cutoffs, or even something as basic as a proper song mode.

I don’t want to do tedious things like faking side-chaining with parameter locks or LFOs. I just want to use parameter locks for sound design.

Maybe I oughta invest more into Elektron’s OB capabilities, and embrace a more hybrid approach that incorporates Reason and a laptop.

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Yeah mate, everyone is on their own path.
So many great options available