Make a4 keys light up?

In pretty sure I’ve seen the key light up while a pattern is playing showing the notes.
But I can’t seem to make it do it? I’d like it to show the notes on the selected track, rather than me going through and holding the step to see. So I can easily work out scales, etc

You probably talk about the Keys. Not sure if any other Elektron box has this functionality. Would be nice tho.

Definitely works on the Keys, but it is on the keyboard section. There is a small red LED above each key that will light up the notes being played. This is separate from the sequencer LEDs. I have not investigated whether or not it only works when certain menus are open.

On Keys it works pretty much all the time when sequencer is running. You have to be in the right track and right register. Also multimap does its own thing. What an awesome machine Keys is…

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In pretty sure I’ve seen it do it. But not sure when. I wanted to note down when for next time. Easier workflow then