Making the most of the new input features on DT

Just a place to collect tricks using the new input features in 1.3


So the stereo input is only for performing/monitoring?

Route its outputs back into itself and you get some metallic slapback/static flanging because of the time delay in the digital conversion. Watch the levels though!

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For me it means I can finally realise the setup I wanted in a collaborative project:

Friends TR8S -> DT inputs -> Octatrack a/b
Other synths -> mixer -> Octatrack c/d

Can keep the TR8 in stereo and put the same reverb/delay on it when needed, and means I don’t have to relinquish control and send DT->TR8 :wink:

I knew it would be possible eventually, glad I hadn’t given up hope. It just always seemed weird to me that it hadn’t been implemented.

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Sending my Mackie mixer’s ALT outputs to the Digitakt’s inputs so I can quickly route anything into it. Right now, that’s my guitar, playing with the Digitakt’s delay and reverb.


We can’t achieve ducking only the input and limiting/saturating the master, like on the TR-8S or Octatrack.
But ducking the master from the kick on T1, I do get results that sound pleasing enough. Unfortunately, they are a bit unpredictable. Takes a bit of patience to get a useful setting.

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Yeah. We could do that before sadly. In a future update maybe we can pick which tracks skip the compressor. That would be killer.


Oh wow, didn’t know that you used to be able to skip the compressor per track. That would solve it.
Maybe we are overlooking something in the new OS? I still can’t shake the feeling I’m missing something here…
One could argue there’s no point in ducking input separately from the master, but I really like that functionality.
So silly me started trying to P-Lock input level, next I tried to send one of the MIDI LFOs to the input level… haha.

Sorry didn’t mean to confuse. We could sidechain before. We couldn’t pick what can skip

Can we sidechain the audio coming in from an internal kick now, or only the opposite??

Ah, I see. Thanks.

You can use everything as a source, but you can only duck the master.

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So it can’t duck my incoming microfreak, correct?

Only as part of the whole mix…

That works for me! As long as I can duck incoming audio I’m a happy boy

@Dmcleod1284 @MichalHo @0mega

Am I understanding correctly that we can’t remove the input audio from the compressor? If I’m using it to input my Digitone, I don’t want the DN getting compressed on the settings of the percussion.

I’m still figuring out if i like the taste of the master drive of the DN better on DT out then the compressor on both DT and DN. Since the update i re routed the in and outs but i’m starting to feel i’ll go back to my familiar setup and leave those DT inputs for occasional other gear.

I’m not found of DN master overdrive, I’m more interested in DT compressor.
@slicetwo, why not DT in DN ?

I also have a Medusa as an external synth that I was feeding into the DN, so either way, some external signal is getting compressed.

Get an OT again ! :pl:

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