MA'MA' ANALOG Live Techno with Elektronauts in Germany!

Hello there Elektronauts!

A friend of mine and me have just brought a nice little techno club project dedicated to live performed electronic music to life.
As it’s a matter of the heart, we’re aiming to offer passionate musicians a stage instead of drawing attention by having big names written on our flyers and stuff.
Also, we’re developing, building, measuring and configuring the sound system all by ourselves, try being as autarkic as we can be and keeping everything as fair and sustainable as possible.

For the electricity being used and fuel eventually being burned by generators (open air, yknow, there are always tradeoffs…), we’re having trees planted according to stoichiometrical calculations (chemical engineer here x) ), we’re avoiding plastics, we’re doing our best to take care of flora and fauna.

The name of our little project is “MA’MA’ ANALOG” which is some kind of german abbreviation for “Just do it analogue!” with fine linguistic touches and a more or less subliminal tribute to our mums (“Mama” in german) as we both have very special bondings to them. :slight_smile:

Our journey with Elektronauts pretty much began here:

and lots of you have been participating, submitting music, wishing us the best of luck…I was kind of overwhelmed.

So, finally, on May 14th, we’re having our first pretty much purely Elektronaut-based venue in Palatinate Forest, our location is an ancient castle and I’m using this thread to firstly thank all of you very much, secondly tell you about it and thirdly invite you to join us on our adventure in one way or another.

@MoeFerris and @slawa_soloma:

will be playing a 2 hour liveset as a duo


will be playing a 1 hour liveset solo.
All of that will be happening right there:

We’re going do dance into sunset together and it will be fantastic!
I’m really looking forward to all of this, as we were working really hard. :slight_smile:

If you happen to be from Germany and feel the urge to spread the word, I really don’t mind.
Presale is going to start very soon, I can keep you updated if you’re interested.

So far…much love to all of you musicians out there! <3

Stefan & Flo a.k.a. “MA’MA’ ANALOG” :black_heart:


The location looks sweet!

I’m going to put it in my calendar, in case my budget allows for it by then :unamused:

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Awesome! Wishing you all the best! Hope I’ll find the time to drop by.

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Superb! I’ll try to be there!

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There we are, presale has begun, if you’re interested in coming by and listening to our fellow Elektronauts, just scan the QR code or visit

See you there! :slight_smile:


I can confirm that this Event was a Blast! I am very happy to have been a Part of this! Big Probs to @guy and his team! :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


Oh i missed it. Hope there will be a 2nd one



It was a wonderful evening, we had all kinds of people dancing peacefully and having a good time.
PA was really fine, I’m a bit proud of ourselves as we built it from scratch. Kept it a bit shabby and diy-themed though. :wink: We want to have people perpetuating themselves on our subwoofer enclosures instead of painting them black or something.

A huge thank you to @slawa_soloma, @MoeFerris and @zamal.wav. :black_heart:
Some impressions:

It was a blast and we’re as happy with the outcome as we can be. :slight_smile:


Looks and sounds amazing, well done chaps


was such a cool party! :black_heart:


Looks great. Do you have plans to do this regularly?

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4th of june will be our next date and @BudsatWork will play an extended live set of >3 hours. :wink:

So yes, we do!


Well there we are having our next live techno event going:

@slawa_soloma @MoeFerris @ARVE


Here we go again :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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4th of june was really great :slight_smile:

@BudsatWork @Dr.K


So this time we were having @DaveMech, @MoeFerris & @slawa_soloma and @Mutlu_Karakose playing, 2 hours each, 500ish people there, two floors inside an old cinema, one floor purely analogue/live, the other one with two local DJs having a B2B-thingy going.
Was pretty fun!
We know the owner and were allowed to just put our custom built PA inside, so we did that to our musicians satisfaction, I guess. :slight_smile:
A little overview of our stuff:
Mr Mech with Perkons, DN and some other toys, Slava/Soloma with AR MK2 + OT, Moe Ferris with modular spaceship and Mutlu with Syntakt + Digitakt:

Around 10pm, the very beginning, Mutlu was opening:

Notice: No redlining on the mixing console. :wink: :smiley:
Maybe the other guys can contribute some videos, I dont have any unfortunately.


Oh, got some:


Amazing performances, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

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