Managing multiple Elektron's in live performance

So here is the story…

I’ve got a live set coming up (my first) and the gear I’m planning to take is an Octatrack, A4, Korg EMX, A Eurorack Modular, and an iPad (running Samplr).

The issue I am having is how to keep the flow going between songs. I have the OT set as the master of everything with the A4 and EMX various patterns in the background. I can set the OT up using the Arrangment, but how do I manage keeping the A4 together? Is there a way to end a message from the OT that keeps the other two setup? My iPad will be its own problem since Samplr doesn’t support MIDI (not used on every song anyway). How do you handle this in a one-man with many machines situation?

I won’t be taking a laptop. I may take my Novation UltraNova so I have keys for a few parts.


I think (not tested) that the a4 can change patterns, the same way af machinedrum and monomachine… it has something to do with setting the base-channel the same on all elektron machines… if you change pattern on octatrack. the monomachine and machinedrum follows…

I think (yet again untested) this switch is because of the pattern change sends out a program-change message, which selects a difrent pattern…
the emx has the same behaviour (well my other elektribes did).

So thats a way to “keep it all together” … in reality:
I wouldnt gig with to many boxes… the more simple your setup… the easier it should be.
and I would resample my external gear… then play the sample… and switch patterns manually… and slowly mix in the new pattern…

to make it even more simple : If I would go out and gig… I would do some ot-only stuff… just show up with a bunch of patterns… which I practiced allot on… all set to do what it should do… Especially the first few times.
Its a rush to do things live… experience should relax you a bit… and gives space for more machine…

Good luck buddy…

and I hope you get more and better tips :slight_smile:

Are you sure of that ? I send midi note (from the OT) to the MD (slaved) to be able to change OT and MD patterns at the same time. But if there is a solution to avoid sending midi notes, it would be perfect.

Are you sure of that ? I send midi note (from the OT) to the MD (slaved) to be able to change OT and MD patterns at the same time. But if there is a solution to avoid sending midi notes, it would be perfect.[/quote]
not 100% sure… havent set my own stuff like that yet (so its untested here)
but… the monomachine manual speaks of it a bit on page 100 (but not so good)
and i would testify in court, that i read something about it on the forum this morning. but i forgot which topic it was…

keywords should be something like “prg change” “base” “midi”

Ill have to test the program change idea. I know the EMX responds and that could work. It would be great if the A4 could respond as well providing the CC’s sent from the OT don’t mess up the A4 or EMX (of course, I could probably just turn that off).

As to the amount of gear I take…I am kind of a masochist. I don’t want my show to be 100% given that everything is going to work as intended. Having that element of danger there is important to me, otherwise I would fall back more on playback and sampled static bits than I do with sequencing and modifying the sounds. The OT just doesn’t have enough of a control surface to keep both my hands busy. I’d feel like I was cheating my audience if I just used a lot of playback. I do not judge people who do this harshly, however. To each their own.

I’ve just checked, and I confirm: that works.

But there is a problem: the OT needs the whole lenght of the pattern before changing from A1 to A2. Even if I set the len ton 2/16 in the edit page of the project and in the edit page of each pattern.

Whereas when I use the note midi send to change patterns, I can change more quickly (with the limite of 2/16).

Any idea to solve that?

For me, it’s not so clear how to use the setting of chains in the project edit page: even when I choose to send midi note to slave my MD, I have to set each patameters: the one of the project AND the one of each pattern. I don’t know why.

Hooray :slight_smile:

Nope sorry… Thought it would “just work” … but that doesnt mean its impossible… its probably just some option i do not know about.

Dont have wisedom for that either… maybe some smarter fellow jumps in
and gives the scoop.

Thats ok buddy… if you want to be a masochist and do it… go for it. thumbs up and all that.
I hope you get it all working like you want… at the moment, i have machinedrum for left hand… and octatrack for right hand… the mono is somewhat in the middle… but for some reason i do not really tweak it allot… so sometimes i feel like just sampling it and leaving it out of the game… but i do like the mutable tracks… so hmmm… just for that extra control like mutes… difficult discussion in my head :slight_smile: