Manually launch patterns in real time (digitakt)

Hey there, i’m new with this machine and i am a bit lost.

Right now i need to manually launch a pattern after the one i am currently playing. I’m trying to do this by pressing “ptn” and then pressing the pattern i want to play (pattern 2), but nothing happens, the second pattern never starts playing.

I dont know if this has something to do with the fact that the “m. len” parameter is set to “inf” so i can get rid of that “fill up effect” when you have channels with different lenghts.

Best regards!

What is your ch.length?

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Yeah the infinite length I believe keeps it from ever getting to the end of the loop to switch. If you hit stop then play very quickly in rythm you manually trigger the pattern switch without it sounding bad. Otherwise you need a length that’s not infinite.

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Just set the change length to a figure that suits you and you should be set.