Mapping Rytm controls

I just got a Kenton midi-usb host for adding a controller to my Rytm.

My first attempt is using the Korg Nanokontrol

The basic functions I want to control are for easy access live:
[li]Performance value[/li]
[li]FX sends[/li]

12 buttons x 2
9 faders
9 knobs

So the buttons can take care of mutes and scenes
The faders and 3 knobs can do the performance parameter for each pad.

That leaves 6 knobs for something.

Thats 1 master scene of the 4 scenes on the Nanokontrol.
And Ill arrange 1 or 2 more performance orientated layouts depending on how it ‘plays’ like grouping certain voices that are not the main Kick/Snare/Hihat etc.

Any advice about this process that results in time saved R’ingTFM’s while I figure it out would be cool.

Buttons - Scenes / Mutes /
Faders - Performance value / Volume / FX sends
Knobs - Volume / Pitch / FX sends / Filters


Do you know if that controller respond to nprn messages?

I setup an old school peavey 1600x to control levels, performance macros, etc, but I had to use nrpns because I was overlapping CCs across some synths. So you’ll want to find out what messages the controller sends and what parameters the AR responds to using either nrpn or CC messages. Check the back of the manual for the AR and you’ll find all this info.