Maschine as host for AR and A4 via Overbridge

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up Maschine as a host for Building up songs and Reason when it comes to recording/mastering.
I use my A&H QU16’s soundcard.
I have some synths (Virus, Matrixbrute, Nord 2x, the AR and the A4 (both MKII).

AR, A4 and the Virus are connected to the Mac via USB.
The MB and the Nord via Midi.

I have trouble with the clock. The A4 and AR go completely out of sync.

I use Maschine as master clock…
Can it be that Maschine makes it unstable? Or do I something wrong?

I was thinking on trying the AR as master clock, but then I have to use MIDI trough on my Maschine to get it back to the A4 and the other synths I guess?

Any toughts?

This is how I see my workflow:

  • Having all my synths synced
  • In a Maschine template
  • keep the settings of the elektrons with Total recall with every Jam (song).
  • also make tracks in the Maschine for soundscapes etc… (I want to make benefit of my NI Komplete).
  • use send FX On the synth mastertracks
  • jam (incl automation recording) until i have something to record

For recording I can choose either Reason or in my QU16 mixer (it has a track recording feature).

Thanks for idea’s on workflow and on the clock issue.