Maschine+ In slave mode and OT

Hey! Am planning to add maschine to my setup. Planning to sample maschine in ot so I can change projects on fly… I don’t like 1 group one song idea, I like to have vst open not sample loops. Is maschine stable in slave mode? As master it seems good!

Yes, very stable and very good. I almost never make music on the computer without Maschine somewhere.

Btw, the plugin is also very efficient, as long as you don‘t load CPU-heavy groups/synths/FX inside Maschine.


I had some issues with the sync in the past, when I was playing maschine with the OT, then ressampling into OT, the played machine plugin and recorded sample of the same sound were not in perfect sync.

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Same with my old machine studio and windows pc… maybe Linux in maschine+ is more stable then maschine with Windows. less latency