Max 8 Inputs (A4 + AR) through Overhub COMBINED!

I bought Overhub few months ago, long before my second Elektron Machine arrived (had A4 for a while now) and connecting A4 and RYTM trough it now gives me a maximum of 8 16bit inputs available combined!!

2 input from A4 + 6 input from RYTM
4 input from A4 + 4 input from RYTM

Anything above that and one of the machines STOPS working, without any signal in Ableton. Also it’s happening on 2 of my different systems either using USB 3.0 cable or USB 2.0 cable that came with Overhub.

My system(s) are:
Ableton 9.7.3
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5

Macbook Pro (1st)\

Macbook Pro (2nd)

I have 8 maximum input channel trough it as much as if I plug a single machine in 1 USB port. As a matter of fact in my situation with 2 Elektron machines, using Overbridge gives me only 4 inputs for each one which is completely ridicules by comparing it with Cenk’s video on Youtube about Overbridge where he has 3 Elektron machines connected to Overhub and running 24 channels in his Macbook Pro!

So, could my Overhub be faulty and should I open a ticket and start a return?

Before you do that, have you tested using both A4 and Rytm plugged directly into your mac’s two USB ports (no overhub)?

See what kind of performance you get with that, in order to trouble shoot the actual problem.
If you get the same performance, then Overhub is not the issue.
If you get better performance, then you should probably focus on Overhub being an issue and contact support, accordingly.

Surely you may have other USB devices that require you to use Overdub, but for the purpose of troubleshooting, use the onboard sound card and try both USB ports directly on the Mac.

Speaking of which… I’m curious, what other devices are plugged into the hub, and/or the Mac in general?

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Thanks @AdamJay for quick response!

Yes, I have tested using both A4 and Rytm plugged separately and directly into my Mac’s two USB ports without Overhub and they work without problem giving me 6 inputs from A4 + 8 inputs from Rytm (14 total).

I generally have good experience with Overbridge (meaning latency and stability), that’s why this is confusing me.

Also I have no other USB devices connected to the Overhub or to my Mac in general. I’m using Focusrite 4pre Thunderbolt soundcard and also Push 2 wasn’t connected when doing the testing. I tested all USB ports to connect Overhub and also I used both supplied cables that came with it. No luck… past 8 channels combined one of the machines stops working. What gives?

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In that case, yes, contact support regarding the OverHub.

Use the onboard USB ports in the meantime. Best of luck!


Try the overhub plugged into the other USB port on the computer, some share bandwidth with internal components…


Tried it on both USB ports, still the same result.

Are you using a USB3 cable to OHub from the Mac, or USB2?

I’m having success with the supplied USB3 cable. Others report more luck with USB2.

Are you running a power lead into overhub? As that made hell of a difference for me

Tried both USB2 and USB3, same thing.

What I didn’t tried is powering Overhub trough power adaptor (don’t have any). What kind of difference did it make to you @Delboy?

Seems strange, that Cenk in his videos isn’t using power led, yet he is using 5 Elektron instruments trough Overhub.

Before I used the power, only had six tracks on rytm and four on A4, powered up, then they all worked and within the band with, but did turn off master, as was not needed for me as running tracks in individually, if that makes sense

Think Cenk might be recording just from master channels, instead of individual tracks

Me I run AR, A4 and AH with an unpowerd Overhub, I don’t think your problem is a matter of power.

Could you please post a screenshot from your OB-Setup-screen?

My Overhub isn’t powered. I can max-out the AR and A4 channels.

I’m on a 2013 cylinder-style MacPro, MacOS 10.12.5. Using the USB3 cable.

I recently got an AK, but haven’t tried using it with Overbridge yet.

The only time I had problems similar to yours, was on older versions of OSX.

MacOS Sierra appears to have cleared up the USB problems I was having.

Ok, update…

So after fiddling around, trying different ports on Overhub and lots of restarts somehow things started to work. It seems to me that doing any changes in Overbridge application without restarting the whole system might not end up working as it should. The restarts is necessary I think.

That or it’s the different ports on Overhub. Need to test it a little bit more and also test it on other Macbook. But pretty bizzare TBH. Also I’m using USB3.0 at the moment.


I’m having similar issues. Running all the latest firmwares and Overbridge into LIVE on OS X Sierra 10.12.5 MacBook Pro Retina 2012, I have RYTM, KEYS, FOUR, and Heat all connected to the OverHub. I cannot get all of them to be available in LIVE simultaneously… only 2 devices max seems to be the limit for some reason. They will all show up in the Overbridge Control Panel as connected, but as soon as I bring more than 2 of them into a LIVE project 1 will stop working. This totally kills the point of getting the OverHub. Been banging my head over this for days now. Very frustrating.

Did you tried all the things I did to get it working? What I think worked for me is restarting the whole computer after enabling inputs of the devices in Overbridge Control Panel.
Changing any settings in OB Control Panel with the DAW opened and without complete system restart for me didn’t result in working condition.