May 1st Bandcamp Day - Releases and Recommendations

Anyone got their eye on any releases on today’s “Bandcamp Day” (or whatever it’s called)

Just seen R&S have dropped this:

43 tracker NHS benefit compilation - sounding pretty good so far


some releases from the previous event discussed in the forum here:

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all the classics from this mad label!

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Some things I have bought since this lockdown started :

Fantastic compilation from Neel (Voice from the Lake) with the cream of the crop of deep techno. Proceeds go to the red cross, they raised 15.000 so far !

New ep and album from Shifted :

10 years of Unreleased tracks by Reeko. Fantastic, deep techno & atmospheres

Rrose discography, I had somme missing so I though I might as well get everything in HQ :

Second release from a new label out of Semantica :

DJ Harvey Live at Rumors :
Turn up the good vibes

Luke Slater for Bergain’s 15 years anniversary :

Mike Parker back on Spazio Disponibile, name a better duo :

Latest release from Astral Industries, one of my favorites ambient label :
New ambient project from Neel of Voice from the Lake who put out the World Wide Window compilation so this makes my recommandations a loop.

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This better be brutal death metal on a digitakt or something!

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my first full-length album in 3 1/2 years is released today:

45 AM

thematically focused on the complex emotional resonances of our pandemia: interiors & indoors, drawn blinds, cancellations & distances, late night rabbitholes, free-floating anxieties & manias, dislocated worldviews. a lighthearted jaunt of an album, by all measures

All proceeds for today will go to Feeding’s America’s COVID-19 Response Fund (or an alternate charity of your choice).

Since 2019, a bunch of Instagram synth-loving misfits formed a ragtag bunch called the Electronic Curiosity Collective. Recently, it’s morphed into a cooperative sort of netlabel. They’re at 35 right now. Give these guys and gals a shot: