“May only be used indoors”

In the user manual of all my Elektron devices it states “adapter is not safety grounded and may only be used indoors.”

Obviously people will be wanting to perform with these in festival environments etc. Lots of insurance companies don’t seem to cover damage caused while operating these outside of the manufacturers specifications.

Has anyone encountered any issues using their gear at festivals and how that’s effected your insurance? Do you just go battery pack to save the hassle?

I was arrested and hauled off the stage in the middle of a performance once, no more Elektron gear on stage for me!

I bet it’s more to cover their asses if someone gets electrocuted and dies.

Besides that I’m sure any repairs would be up to your insurance company? They might try to wiggle out of it of course but I guess I don’t have insurance for performance gear.

If I had a sound system or something in the $10,000+ range on stage I might worry about insurance.

I’m not the right person to ask. I guess I just didn’t want to only post a joke and leave it at a that.


I had a PA mixer, PA system, amps, speakers, CDJs, DJ mixer, and some other gear in a tent for a week in a damp at night environment w/ thunderstorms more than once and everything still works : )


(Well once I had a day time slot and I couldnt see the lights on my apc40)

Elektron gear is solid. No problems ever for me playing outside.

That sounds like an amazing story :crazy_face: were you inciting a riot or something?

Yeah, I also feel like it’s mostly in the manual to cover them from situations like that.

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Haha yeah I also had issues seeing my old APC20 during some day sets…

Can you see your Elektrons in the day time? I haven’t started performing out with mine yet

Good point. I was hesitant to bring my OTAE to an illegal gig, it now seems silly to take the risk: the DT will do! :smiley:

The manufacturers write such notice to cover themselves, and not have to cover with the guarantee some gear already of dust and mud I guess ^^


Funnily enough Ive only done night time sets since I switched to hardware. So, not tested in outdoor daylight.

You can see the lights on the Digitakt from fucking space.


This means don t use it in the rain…

A Covered stage is regarded as indoors in that respect.


Also, if there isn’t a roof over it, several 747s might try to land on you.


At least you dont need to fork out for a lighting rig.


Just some sunglasses.

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I just didn’t read the manual, so they arrested me :frowning:


well here’s some Elektron employee performing outdoors with one. complete with fog/smoke machines! :metal:

so if they give you any shit, just tell 'em Cenk told you it was fine.


don´t let the sun shine on your equipment.
sun melted my vox ac.
sun kills colours, sun kills plastic and rubber.

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It reminds me of those camera manuals where they say you shouldn’t drop the camera on your feet and complain to Sony about the damage caused. :upside_down_face: