MBP M1 + Heat + Overbridge = audio drops

I’ve just switched to MacBookPro M1 and I thought that my life will be better from now on. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple.

I use Heat with Overbridge – but I get a lot of audio drops, which makes this system unusable. I’ve already bought two USB B to USB C cables. The first one was a cheap one, and then I found a thread where CHROMA CABLE USB-C was recommended. So now I have two cables and both causes glitches (maybe a more expensive one a little bit fewer:/)

So I’ve tested this with Ableton 10 and Ableton 11 (trial), I’ve also tried Reaper. I have Overbridge .

You can hear sample of the audio drops here:

Heeeelp! :wink: Any idea how to fix it?

PS. I didn’t write to Electron yet.

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