MC: is there a way to audition the sound on a step/trig?

Hi, on my Octatrack, I can press [FUNCTION + YES] while holding down a step/trig to hear the specific sound on that sequence step. Does a similar function exist on the Model Cycles? Let’s say I’m editing a chord shape on step #15. I can’t hear what the change sounds like until the sequence loops back around. It’s painful to do that multiple times when experimenting with different chord shapes, especially if it’s a slow BPM.


have you tried TRIG+YES, without func?

The Model boxes don’t have a YES button.


:aw: you are right! my bad.

Just putting this here for others that might be searching for this in the future (because I searched high and low and could not find this officially documented anywhere). Heard back from Elektron support 🥲.

The Model series does not currently have a trig preview functionality.

You can file a feature request to the email address