MD+A4 now ? MNM?

i have a MDUW+ and a A4.

do I need the MnM too?

or is that like buying margerine when you have butter and oil already

Trust me, you need it. :wink: If you like the A4 and the MD, you’re gonna love the MnM. It’s their spaced out psychedelic crack smoking philantropic older brother.

There is a lot a digital synth can do that an analog one can not do. Do you want/need the digital sounds a MnM makes? The FM machine for me would be worth it alone and the VO6 machine has taken my interest lately. You can use the MnM to process the A4’s sound or add an analog filter to the MnM sounds using the A4. You could get some very interesting results with both. Whether or not you NEED one I can’t say but certainly the two products do not cancel each other out.

The MNM and A4 compliment each other very well. Glad to have both!

you’ll find you always needed one when you’ll have one :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: go for it, you won’t regret it :+1:

I’m in the same boat, however my want of an OT is nagging me also. I have given in now and will buy both the MNm and OT. The 4 I will have…

I can resist keys and rytm…4 boxes is enough learning curve for the next 3 years!

big thanks for your answers so far everybody …

good to know the machines wont cancel each other out and there are additional features which makes investing worth it!

my next question would be

A4 + MD now OT or MnM ?

good damn it …

or both?

but I shouldn’t buy 2 toys at a time if I wold listen to my own advice …

btw how come there are hardly any second MnM on ebay (Germany) ?

so far my question has been answered that a MnM would be a good investment … damn, I really shouldn’t ask about OT … 4 of these elektron badboys in one room? the epicness … :alien:

I have the A4, MD and OT.

I’d love a MnM too, and if I had to start over, I’d get it before getting the OT.

The OT is an amazing machine for sure, and I don’t regret having it, but it is much less immediate than the A4 and the MD as, being a sampler, it’s only what you make of it.

So I guess the real question is : do you want a synth or a sampler ?

synth or sampler? hmmmmm… havent touched a sampler in my life yet … thanks for all of your comments!