MD+E2 trouble

Hi guys, I have some problem to link via MIDI E2 (Electribe 2) as master to MD(Machinedrum) as slave.

I’ve tried I think all the combination but i can’t find the solution…

Can you help me?



there is a menu in the settings in the md, where u can secify which machine is master, and which is slave, and then you need midi cables … please be more specific, pictures also help

Ok Trabant, can you tell me more in specifics how to do it?
I just want to sync the two machines, so when i hit play on Electribe also the MD start to playing music!!!

Ask me if you need other informarions


Please help me guys…

are you familiar with the concept of A) Midi, B) midi cables, c) Slave d) Master

Yes of couse:

E2 midi Out goes in to MD midi In and E2 is Master and MD is slave…

I’m asking for what settings i have to change in to E2 and MD…


TKS BY THE WAY!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

please let us know how you managed!