MD fm vs ND2 fm

Hello, hi , salut,

Yesterday morning i listen to ND2 fm demo, and i eard great quality sound. As soon i finished the demo i thought “i need this gear”.
Few minutes later i was on the MD and the MnM fm engines.
i really like them. I try to reproduce what i eard. It was near but different. Since i don’t have ND2, is there any person who have the ND2 that can tell me about comparison.
i really been impress by ND. I want to now if it’s a good companion for my MD & MnM…

thanks for return

In a word yes! Love the nord drum 2, sounds incredibly good to my ears and is a step up in class from both MD and MNM’s FM machines.

Thanks for reply. I have few questions if you don’t mind… :slight_smile:
Do you use it in combo with Elektron ?
The plocks are efficient with it ?
Is it possible to prog. change without latence or click ?
Have you a soundcloud with examples of pattern made in combo with Elektron gear ?


No probs, and you caught me online…

'Do you use it in combo with Elektron ?’

I do, though Im handling my sequencing of it elsewhere. It plays brilliantly with a decent sequencer- full CC spec and individual channels to control pitch of each voice- its so much more than a drum box IMO.

‘The plocks are efficient with it ?’

No direct experience there but CC control isn’t an issue so I see no reason why not- done a ton of CC automation to good success through my cirklon.

‘Is it possible to prog. change without latence or click ?’

There’s a lag when manually selecting so I’d imagine program changing is the same- I havent tried though.

‘Have you a soundcloud with examples of pattern made in combo with Elektron gear ?’

You can try this ep- there’s machinedrum, nord drum 2 (and 1!) and a bit of monomachine on it: tIB - The Bastard Wing

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I have both too, but I got the Nord Drum 2 about the same time as the Analog Rytm so I haven’t been using the ND2 that much just yet (I’m a huge fan of all things Elektron and use it in my live sets, so I had to focus on the AR just now).
Having said that, the ND2 sounds amazing! I’ve done some cool melodic synths with it and so far I haven’t really used it as a drummer.

The reason I’m posting is to show you what a Swedish guy named Simon did with the ND2, speaking of CC that is:


The video doesn’t get really mind-blowing until you run all four instances of it simultaneously!

In all seriousness though, that’s a pretty bitchin’ interface, pure simplicity. At least if you can run a game controller. My mom would have a hard time whipping up polyrhythms on it, she’s still stuck on her 808.


Thanks a lot for taking time to answer to all my questions.

I went on Bandcamp and listen to the tape. It’s a very nice work, i like a lot. The texture of ND2 seems to be awesome, i like them all (your prods)

My favorite song is Kick ! but alula’s cool sounding and dynamik groove.

I think i have to refund my wallet and i will buy this piece of gear.

Thanks again for help


@ outshape : thx for link, i will dig a bit this path.

@ Porfiry : yes, got to run the 4 in once.
Nice work with game controler. I do like polyrythm.

Just one more vote here for the MD + ND2 combo. I sequence the ND2 directly from the MD using 6 MIDI machines on the MD. P-locking CCs is great fun – it really is like upgrading your MD with a bunch more machines.

The sound quality of the ND2 is fantastic – really crisp and clear, but with a nice edge when you start to increase the overdrive.

Was quite shure of that. I really want ND now for my old combo md/mnm. It will effectively been like new machine.

thanks for adding your opinion. I’am convinced

I play bass-synth in a band (Minimoog Voyager) and for the variation, dynamics and visuals I’m about to start playing pads. Both drums and MIDI-controlling the Voyager. The thing is I don’t know what pads and drums. I recently tried a ND2 and got really hooked. Loved the bell like sounds. So now I’m deciding between the expensive alternative of buying a ND2 and Nord Pads or the more adult and perhaps sane alternative of getting pads to control my MD and Voyager. I mean, the MD can do quite a lot, and parallel with the Voyager it could be really great. But those ND2 sounds just haunts me.

I don’t have a specific question. Just felt like any input from you who have (tried) both would be a great help.

I bought a ND2 last month. I’ve been using it with my Octatrack and the MD, but I sequence it with the Octatrack.

I’ve been using it for only three days. Nice sounding, but I’m not impressed yet.

With the octatrack arpeggiator and such, I’ve been messing with it at a more melody level, that’s when things get cute.

If you have a question or want to see it in action, ask me. I might help you.

Also, I must say I havent fall in love with it, and it’s now where my band’s percussionist lives, cause he wanted to try it out, so really I’ve used it like, three times…in am onth. Maybe soon I’ll fall for it.

Leaning towards getting pads (hopefully Alesis SamplePad Pro if it’s released soon) and sticking to my MD and Voyager. I haven’t dug that deep into either so it feels like the most reasonable choice. Don’t want to buy a new instrument just because I can.

ok, amma lazy fuk now, so I’ll try to be brief.

I bought both, the nordpads and the nd2.

The pads are useless unless you are using a ethernet cable.

BUT, one thing I realized is that you can make a lot of variation with that pad.

For example, hit one pad and get a sound, hit it harder and it will sound different, sort of like velocity mapping, BUT, you can have a bit more than that.

So, I don’t know how to explain this but imagine the pad it’s like a Hi Hat, you can hit it close…you can open it and hit, or you can move the pedal and mute it. Well now just imagine that it’s just soudns…

dunno mate, think I screwed up.

I don’t use the pads when I have them plugged to the octatrack, I did, however, sent midi notes to the octatrack with the pads to record a better and more hands on pattern, with rolls and shit.


re rol…

shit, I rpplyed all wrong.

No reason for that. Use a Machinedrum to sequence a blofeld and you will have a nordrum2 on steroids :wink:

I’ve just found a MD MKII (non-UW) for 600€ and I already have ND2+OT, which is quite a good setup as well. But I think it would make me really happy, if I could get the MD as well and use the ND2 as another machine for MD, control it not only with OT and also MD.

Since this is a zombie thread we might as well point out that the MD and MnM FM engines are linear FM not Phase Modulation so they don’t behave in a way simliar to a DX style FM engine. pretty unique implementation sounds almost like a digital version of the FM you get in modular. I’m not sure what the ND2 or 3 FM implementation is but would be interested to know more.

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