MD is driving to much in MIDI

Hi Every body,
I’ bought an MD a few days ago, MKII UW ,second hand.
A really nice an amazing machine !!
So i’ m a new Elektronaut, a fresh one.

I beggan to use my MD, i understand the most of using.
But last night i went to play with a friend, He’ got a Minikorg, with midi we plugged the machines, the SPS1 was driving.
And a problem came: When i was turning knobs of my MD, the sound of the Minikorg was changing… pitch, LFO etc…
We tried to modificate parameters but we didn’ find the solution.
Maybe You can help me ? Thank you !

Your machinedrum sends out midi… every knob/button does.
so the easiest way of getting rid of this behaviour… is to give your
korg its own midichannel…

There is also a way to turn off outgoing midi… I think this is described in the manual
near the word “base-channel” … so do a quick search of your machinedrum manual
look at the midi-information… and read the manual of your korg. search for “midi-channel” … and change it to something your machinedrum doesnt use.

then if you want to send notes to the korg… use a midi-machine assigned to the propper midichannel of the korg… and send your midi

now all should work.

simply put: your machinedrum and korg talk on the same channel, which makes the korg react to your knob-changes of the machinedrum.

Thank you, I’ will try and and i will tell you if it’s ok, it’s not really obvious.
It’s maybe in the Mkorg, will tell later. :wink:

ok :slight_smile: lets try to make it easier and clear…
The midi protocol definitation says, you got 16 channels to put all kinds of midi-data on.
the machinedrum uses a bunch of these channels to do its thing… and the microkorg uses a channel to do its thing.
If you make devices share a midi-channel… they will both react… (and this is not what u want)
you say that when you use certain functions on your machinedrum, controls unwanted parameters on your microkorg.
this happends, because your machinedrum broadcasts its knobs, to the midi-channel your microkorg listens too.
So you need to check 2 things… What channels is the machinedrum using for its own midi-purposes.
this is something defined in the configuration… u can read up about it… on page 58 of the machinedrum manual
(and funny enough. if i read the PDF. adobe says its on page 66)
Lets say for argument sake. nobody ever changed the midi-settings on your machinedrum.
then you probably use midi-channel 1 to 4 for the machinedrum.

Your microkorg, will react to your machinedrum buttons, if it uses midi-channel 1-4 as its recieving channel.
because many synths use the same CC# for the majority of functions but also a big chunk of functions will some manufacturer-chosen CC… which can be difrent for many synths… So check your microkorg manual… How to set its midi-channel.
and put it on some channel, that your machinedrum doesnt use for its own purposes…
Once you got this midi-channel on the microkorg setup propperly (and not sharing it with the machinedrum) You can use a midi-machine on your machinedrum (information about it found in apendix A-12 of the machinedrum manual) to send stuff to your korg… and make it play melodies… or do funky shit with the filters or whatever (and you might need to read the midi-implenmentation sheet of the microkorg to find its CC# for the function your looking for)
I hope this is more clear dude… I didnt exactly feel like reading the microkorg manual to find the correct page…
Some other clever people on the forum might have some extra tips… Not sure if the machinedrum has an autochannel like the octatrack…
anyways… enjoy the puzzling…

Hi , thank you for your answer. For the moment I can’t tell if it’work because my friend who play with me and use his miniKorg is gone for a little while. But soon, when he will be back, we will try to make it run each other with your advices. So I will tell. :wink:

Good good :slight_smile:
always curious how things turn out… Enjoy buddy