Md Machine lab

I search the Software " Md Machine lab " for the Machinedrum for Mac
who has this and could upload it
Big Thanks


You can get it here:

There’s a couple other sites that still have it as well, just google for it. Although I seem to remember it started not working correctly for me after an OSX update. The last release was in 2008.

If you use Ableton with Max4Live there are some decent plugins for editing the MD via that route.

they seem to be dead…every links you look up on google are going straight to which is nonexistent…so maybe someone has it still on his/her hard drive.

@ switchbox


All Links are Offline

@ coreyappleby

I have Ableton and Max for Live
which Plug ins on the Market via that route

Big Thanks for Infos

I’ve used these two in the past:

I’ve used these two in the past:
Thanks for the Links :+1: