MD Magic

Now that we all know analog RYTM is out I just wanted to start a thread based on tips, tricks, techniques we’ve discovered in regard to keeping the md relevant. Special things the md can do over its new, analog, fantastic cousin.

-16 voice fm + sample fun. Use your first 8 tracks to multitrig the rest.
-CTRL 8 + parameter lock
-CTRL ALL : shit is huge. I use this function all the tine when rec samples.
-CTRL ALL sequencer trigs are your friends
-Save kit before locking CTRL ALL trigs*
-Use that fucker of a compressor on the MD. It changes alot of dynamic, in a cool way depending o what you want.
-Use CTRL8 for global delay and reverb fuckery. Id stay away from compressor control, shit gets out of hand quick.
-Use that fucker of a frequency mod in the filter section for some interest. Low mod like amd 50 and amf 1-8. + high q low wdth
-Don’t use all 16 tracks for voice! Save 4-6 of those cocksuckers for extra lfo fun on your fundamentals! Like toss a slow sine or tri on your bass or snare drum! Adds lots


+1 !

if you ever tried finger drumming … harder than it looks … personally i cant do it at all! hence almost useless feature

I don’t really know of any more tricks than the ones you posted - just wanted to chime in and say - fuck yeah! The MD is just amazing. I had a longer session with it yesterday, extensive use of the FM synth and some samples, and wow, this thing can groove.

I’m really not in a hurry to get an AR, to be honest, much thanks to the awesomeness that is the MD. :slight_smile:

Good thread, keep it going!

One thing i like to abuse is the prog change on midi tracks. When you play midi with a decent modern synth (evolver, for instance) the change occurs immediatly with no click or latence, so you can produce pretty nice and strange sounds FX to enhance your beat.
You cannot do such trick with OT or MnM or other Elektron device. Irremplaçable !

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Massive fan of the MD here too. The other night I tried to limit myself to just GND machines and RAM machines and the results were loads of fun and beautiful too!

I had a single click on the first trig with RAM R1 recording just that tiny click and then four different versions of P1 with lots of RTRG and filter LFO’s dialled in. I also like making good use of other tracks’ spare lfo’s to keep the pattern moving and organic.

The thing I’ve yet to master is getting beyond that first pattern and stringing things together into a complete track. I really want to invest some time there to get better at it.

Have there been any of those Science Labs over here at Elektronauts? I would love to join in on an MD Science Lab if one was started.

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Start one yourself! I’ll give it a go if someone has the initial idea for something. :slight_smile: If you haven’t come up with something before Monday, I’ll post something then.

MD + Science Lab=? what the heck is that? I am in ! I am a scientist I guess … so again, what is that?

but I am in!

basically a focus area for experimentation is chosen… a set of restraints, or rules for using the machine in certain way…

e.g. only certain machines allowed etc… then users will mess around and post results and tell stories about their adventures around a campfire…

my suggestion for a lab:
[li]pattern length maximum of 2 steps[/li]

Yeah, cool suggestion. Go and make a thread for it! :slight_smile:

okay… what’s a good duration for a lab? never had one…

I don’t know, maybe a month? Let it run for all of February or something?

You could check how the labs were done at the old elektron-users forum if you’d like, I never participated in one. Or I’m sure some of the old veterans from there will chime in here soon.

Weirdly, the announcement of the RYTM just makes me love the MD even more. I’ve not got any tips beyond what’s already been posted but I still find the MD the most inspiring Elektron box. The RYTM is a cool alternative but I can do anything I want already. :slight_smile:

Curious to see/hear these lab sessions.

A month sounds great I reckon.

Over at we do something very similar, except we call them battles, give people about 2 weeks to submit their track and then we actually vote for a winner too who then dreams up the next set of battle rules. We’re not overly competitive, but it’s a great way to get lots of people involved and focussed on the same thing and also to dive into a specific piece of functionality of the machine. They’ve been very successful and we’re on battle 18 at the moment :slight_smile:

And the terrifying FM cowbell

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One thing the MD has that the AR doesn’t, is the ability to actually sample right into the machine! AR must have samples uploaded to it. So the MD still rules in the realm of spontaneous beat making/rearranging/self-eating (not considering the OT of course).

Another one is EXTENDED and CLASSIC mode switching. I haven’t had a chance to experiment with this yet, but apparently some people love this feature for creating transitions and pattern variations. Sort of like an “RANDOM IDEA” button!

The AR is going to be sweet, no doubt, but I think it’s going to have a completely different vibe than the MD. I can’t see one being “better” than the other. Just different. No doubt, it would be a very tough decision choosing one over the other.

Science Labs sound like a great idea!

I would find time …somehow!

Is there a tutorial on the ‘self sampling’ somewhere? It’s straightforward on the OT, just configure the recorder to listen to another track.

There’s a RAM Machines tutorial in the appendix A-16.