Md midi control daw

Im wondering how can i let MD control daw by MDs 8 knobs,can it do that?be the midi controller control ableton live?

Hello there!

IMHO MD’s encoders should live only for gorgeously tweaking its internal sounds…and not as a midi controller.

Just because…i would be really not happy if some of theme, one day, will need replacement just because i’ve used’em too much …

Light/Cheap/Small controllers exist.

But if it’s your priority to use MD’s encoders, then answer to your question is: YES

Trak Level Encoder transmits cc8

ENC A > cc16
ENC B > cc17
ENC C > cc18
ENC D > cc19
ENC E > cc20
ENC F > cc21
ENC G > cc22
ENC H > cc23

Every software can read these.

There’s probably a ‘midi learn’ mode in ableton, you’d enable that, click on a software control, then turn the md knob.

I have to agree to sicijk 1000x!

In fact, one of the major issues with Elektrons I’ve been thinking about for quite a while is how to increase the lifetime of those sensitive knobs! If they just were more robust! I also tried to not touch those knobs when practicing to ensure that they will still be working on stage (Lemur template, controlled via Korg Nanokontrol to control the whole MD). But now I’m too lazy and use the regular knobs again, knowing that they’re gonna get (even more) loose sooner or later. I would pay a lot for some more robust made-for-heavy-usage-knobs or a system where knobs can be exchanged as a module.

Get a Korg Nanokontrol.

P.S. However, I’m somewhat biased due to bad experience with repair duration of an OT I owned some time ago, one year ago to be precise.