MD Patterns and Kit Tweaks

So I got a MDUW+ a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I’ve been reading the manual, and all, and so far so good.
Now, there’s one thing I’m trying to understand. Say I have a song (as in a track, nothing to do with “song mode”), with its different parts as different patterns, all patterns using the same kit. Now if I tweak kit parameters on one pattern, would those same parameters also change for all the other patterns?
How to save kit tweaks on a specific pattern without affecting all the other patterns?


Save the tweaked kit to another slot.


Well that’s a bit annoying! If I tweak each pattern then I have to save a kit for each pattern?! After a while that’s like millions of kits, no?

Another question, would the parameters change on all patterns only after saving the kit?
Thanks for your help.

I just save tweaked patterns to new slots and add a number at the end, ie. Tweakdrums1, Tweakdrums2, etc…

It’s really easy. I usually end up with 4 or 5 tweaked pattern styles per project, but I usually do live “tweaking” of the patterns also. I’m a bit of a tweaker.


ok will try that…
Tweaking is the whole fun of the MD, isn’t it!

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You could also use parameter locks for most of your tweaks?

Or use all tracks for different things - like four bass drums, four snares, four hi hats and four percussion elements.



Parameters locks would stay that way on each pattern? I guess that’s the solution!

Now thinking about it, I guess it’s a good thing that the kit stays the same across all patterns.
I remember getting annoyed on the Digitakt that patterns didn’t sound the same when I tweaked one of them! lol!
It’s easier to work WITH the MD rather than against it!


Luckily you have a +Drive. You can use more kits / patterns with snapshots, but yes, plocks are preferable for a same song, they are locked to patterns.
For drastic tweaking you can use the CTR AL machine and plock / lfo it…

Yeah thank G.od I got the +drive MD!