MD SPS-1 mk1 boot problem

What a day…
I fired up my mk1 MD and the usual logo screen and graphics need more than 30 seconds to finish, and once the main screen appears, the machine is unresponsive.
So no button works, no knob works, BUT
all 16 track buttons work and i can hear the sounds.

What could be wrong?
I haven’t changed anything on my MD (not running the alternative OS required for the megacommand)
i am running OS K 1.71
thanks in advance

It’s like the whole boot screen is in slow motion. Could it be a power supply related issue? Any help is valuable!

This is likely caused by a ribbon cable coming loose inside the machine, I had something similar happen with my MK2. You can try opening it up if you have a hex driver and reseating the cables, though I would recommend getting in touch with Elektron support to make sure it’s not something else.

Thanks!!! I will give it a try!