MD SPS-1 MKii UW+ Sampling external input


I recently got myself a SPS-1 MKii UW+ and I can’t get to sample my external input (guitar for instance) correctly…
I have followed the steps closely but the sound of the playback is very faint.

Here’s what I did:

Set and INP-GA on M4 and activated a trig to enable
Set RAM-R1 on M1 with the following parameters:

-MLEV -64 (as I don’t wanna record internal sound)
-ILEV 64 (which is supposed to be very loud)
-IBAL -64
-CUE1 and CUE2 0
-Full length and rate

Set RAM-P1 on M2

Procedure for recording:

I put a trig on RAM-R1 and play, and remove it once I recorded my sound.
After I put a trig on P1 to make it play…
I hear the sound very faintly, I tried raising the level of MLEV and that does raise the level of the guitar but it also does record every other machine.

Please help! :slight_smile:

Only from memory, the MD is boxed atm.

You do not need the inp-ga. If you dial up the cue of your input and hear sth, then it’s all good. You can dial the cue to 0 again.
Not familiar with guitar levels… is it line level?
Set a trig on the RAM-R, length to pattern length
Set a trig on RAM-P, length to 127. On the amp section you can raise the vol.

Thats what I can recall so far. Check it out.

And gratulations on your purchase. Great box you have there.

OK removed the inp-ga. And my volumes are turned all the way up everywhere.

I do hear a very faint sound when I put CUE1 all the way up but nothing normal. I tried it with a synth and it works better even if I have to turn up the volume on the synth quite a lot. Could it be because I need to pass my guitar through an amp for it to become loud enough for the md?

Succeed! Connected my guitar to audio interface then boosted it up from there and connected from line out to MD, works great.

Thank you all.