MD trigering MnM sound when midi synced problem

Hi folks

I just picked up a old MnM mk1. There are a few issues with it. It freezes sometimes when powering it up, you may have to turn it off and on a few times before it will get to the parameters page.

I can live with the frezzing but the main problem at the moment is that i have my MD sending its clock to the MnM, it’s syncing up fine but you can hear one of the MD tracks (closed hi hat) is triggering a sound on the MnM, you can hear it even if i have all tracks are muted on the MnM.

Another problem is when i have my A4 sending clock to the MD and the MD to the MnM, the A4 only starts the MD and not the MnM.

Do you think it’s just that its a bit faulty or is there something i can do to fix these issues.

Thanks in advance

Check the map editor in the global menu, the hihat is probably set up to send a MIDI note whenever it is triggered.

If you’re not controlling the MD externally, you can set the BASE CHANNEL to --. I had some problems with a connected MnM being triggered by the MD and that fixed it.

I’m nowhere near my MnM atm (in Australia :smiley: ), but iirc it’s in the global area. pick your slot (1-8), and then you go to Control, and then Control In, and tell it to sync to External, and Accept Transport. Func+Pattern to get into Global.