MDUW Beginner Headache

Hello people! I need your help! MDUW+ MKII

  1. I m building a simple pattern and with FUNC + Parameter tweaking i form all the parts in the condition i like and after i trim them one by one independently for final result…i save the kit, save the song save everything BUT when re-open that pattern and play/experiment a lil more after i press FUNC+EXTENDED to bring everything in my saved condition the pattern doesnt return to my previous saved form but to the state that all sounds are again in the factory settings and have to re-tweak them again…WHAT I M DOING WRONG??? there is no pattern saving option ??? whats exactly the connection between patterns - kits - song whatever…

I m quite confused cause i m used probably to A4 structure…also tried to read the MDUW manual but i got more confused than before…maybe also because my english is not so good

Also i tried to copy paste the pattern to another slot so as to experiment in a different location without mangling my saved one but cant find how i copy - paste patterns


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Make sure that you are in EXTENDED mode. Otherwise, the kit will not be associated with the pattern. See page 14 of the manual.

I think that it’s just like the Analog Four. Patterns are saved automatically. You need to save kits. If you are in EXTENDED mode, kits are associated with patterns. See pages 14 and 35 of the manual.

Songs are lists of pattern numbers.

I believe that this is different from the AF.

Make sure you are not in GRID RECORDING mode.
Select the pattern that you want to copy.
Pattern copy = hold [FUNCTION] and press [RECORD].
Select the pattern location that you want to paste to.
Pattern paste = hold [FUNCTION] and press [PLAY].

See page 43 of the manual.


Welcome to the MDUW club! It’s a wonderful machine! So much fun and very capable! Though, the workflow is slightly different than the A4. (16 voices are very daunting especially since I started being conservative with my voices utilizing my voices with plocks on the A4. I’m only able to get up to about 6/7 voices in a kit I build(the lack of ability to save individual voices doesn’t help))

But it’s a lot of fun! I’m sure you will enjoy it.

(I’d offer help, but Peter surely addressed all your questions)


Its mind blowing Ryan!!! very unique, really dont know how to fit 16 voices in one kit but 16 LFOs assignable to any track you like its hell of a fun…plus sampling!

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