MDUW "losing" sounds for machines

I just ran into this last night.

I had 3 different machines being used on a song, and randomly, channel 3 just stopped playing sound. The machine was there according to the display, but no sound. The volume was up, all other sounds played. I reselected the machine in the kit and I could hear it again.

It did this multiple times, even after a reboot.

Then channel 1 started doing the same thing. Went to edit kit, selected the machine again, boom, sound.

I have never had this happen before. It was very strange. It also seemed to have some timing glitches in that same session when I tried to record shit.

Anyone ever had this happen? I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Hmm, a weird one. Can you rule out Classic/Extended mode, or “tweaked the LPF all the way to the right with Function-‘Mega’-sweep”? (That’s the one where you are Function-tweaking so all machines get swept at once.) Ctrl-ALL can do this too. I also thought of Track Mutes but reloading the kit wouldn’t affect this.

Since MD is all digital software, there is probably a software explanation for what happened.

Anyway, I would back up all of your stuff on the off chance the MD’s brain is about to explode :zonked:

It was definitely in extended mode, and there was definitely nothing tweaked to make it happen.

Looks like backup time, I guess.

was there a cable in the midi in port? if so remove it… … also could have been a LFO from the same track, or maybe even a stray LFO from another track … last idea would be track mutes

So for months, sounds would randomly just disappear on my Machinedrum. Elektron kept telling me it must be a filter, I checked all my channel volumes, everything. But to no avail.

If I went to load another machine, they would work. But then inevitably, something would disappear again, inexplicably. I thought maybe there was a problem with the Machinedrum.

But dig this: I borrowed a friend’s RYTM for a few days, AND THE SAME THING KEEPS HAPPENING. Sounds keep disappearing. And I won’t have done anything. I might have gone to get a drink and hit stop and then when I hit start, a sound is missing. And I cannot get it to reload at all.

My theory at the moment is that since it’s all clocked through Ableton, mayhaps Ableton is sending some weird signal? Maybe this is some errant MIDI message? I am fucking BAFFLED.

But I think I can now verify that my Machinedrum is okay.

Anyone ever have this happen?

why not run it without connecting to ableton to see if it still happens for a while?

My Machinedrum does strange things if the power cord isn’t COMPLETELY snug and plugged into the back of the unit.

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Definitely disconnected from Ableton to see if that changes anything. But if Ableton/my soundcard is the problem, then Houston, we have a problem. Because I don’t really have any way to upgrade all that at all right now, so I would just have to put up with it.

If Ableton Live or something else connected to the computer are sending spurious MIDI messages to your Elektron gear, then there are internal (MD and AR) and external solutions that would not require upgrades to Live or your computer. The first step will be to see whether your initially-identified problems do not occur with the computer disconnected from the MD and AR.


Thanks for the tip. I am definitely going to do some troubleshooting this week.

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use the TM-1 midi device instead of your soundcard’s MIDI for communication with Ableton.

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You just want to eliminate if md or rytm has an issue or not. This will then lead you to solutions with your computer side of things ifthat isthe cause.

Ha! So it ended up being a problem with my audio interface/Ableton. Switched to the TM-1. No more problems.