Me (for years): If only Elektron put somthing with analog voices in a Digi format

Elektron: Hold my beer while I do all that AND give you 8 more tracks of digital machines, analog filters and drive, package it all into a 12 track synthesis groovebox and add a whole bunch of other killer features that will make you want to sell a kidney.

shakes fist ELEKTRON!!!


I’m happy you’re happy, but did this really need its own whole new thread?


party time , com on,

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It will eventually sink into the abyss. :slight_smile:


but also adding a drum machine that only increases the cost while needlessly complicating the voice structure for those of us who run drums independent of our Digitone or Analog Keys (i’d be happy with an 8-voice DT/AK hybrid but have no need for the drums so . . . a miss for me)


maybe they are trying to cast a wider net since the stakes are higher ( stakeholders’ obligation etc.)

Sounds pretty close to a Tempest…

I would be satisfied with even a virtual analog in Digi format, but actual analog would be awesome too!

The drums aren’t mandatory or anything.

You can run 8x digital non-drum synth voices
3x DVCO voices, and a UT Noise on track 12 if you want.

Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.





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Guys, shall we tell him?


I love this quote.
Internet tells me it would be from Ani DiFranco.
I think it applies well to Elektron gear.

I had the privilege to witness Elektron working on this box for the last weeks, and I can guarantee these people well deserve some praise for their passion and dedication. The whole shade that some can’t refrain to cast, even on a thread just like this one, is beyond me.

I have a very precise memory of the first moment I played with this machine: the DVCO was a bit too loud at that time, and with the drive and filter on the AFX bus, I was thinking they had nailed the aggressive Analogue Solution sound ^^

So yeah, I am wholeheartedly with you @DJSpaceP!


I’ve heard enough now in terms of musical variety and overall sound quality (some serious girth being coaxed out of the analog tracks) that I pulled the trigger on an order.

I love my DT/DN pair, and I have analog/va options as well, but I really have wanted something with analog in a Digi box for a while now, and have always been more into synthesis than sampling, so my gut tells me the Syntakt might get pride of place as the new centerpiece of my OTB music making, with DT/DN in the mix for a tiny trinity extravaganza.

cool to hear u say that. I mentioned on launch day a few of the demo basslines sounded really like the Telemark. I absolutely love that sound :fire::fire::fire: