Meeting producers in Europe (You)

Hey world,

I’m in 3 months of a self-proclaimed nomadic electronic experience, been travelling with my backpack and hammock from my home in Belgium to France, Italy, Spain,… And now Coimbra, Portugal, next onto Morocco. Making music on my Syntakt, playing live when the opportunity presents itself (still practicing live shows, will possibly busk to get a better feel for it as I’m not confortable branding myself to music-friendly places, yet) but most of all, meeting people interested to share their time with a stranger.

It’s been quite difficult to find electronic musicians, let alone in an hardware process, so I’m trying other ways to meet, maybe here ? Let’s find out !

I used to be deep into modular at home (as deep as a part-time pay lets you go in this realm), I miss it sometimes but I’m glad to have a capable but also limited piece of gear this time. Although, I’m missing jams with interconnected machines and good friends a lot, I won’t get too much into my life now, but if any of you is interested in discussing/meeting, I would love to get in touch, and maybe I’ll be in your town soooon ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care,


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