Mega FM vs. Digitone

Does anyone think a similar sound to the Mega FM can be achieved on the Digitone with effects? I’m not sure if pairing guitar pedals like the generation loss, bit crusher, etc would make sense? The Mega FM has a ton of character for it’s sound, but I can’t deny the depth the Digitone offers especially at the similar price point.

Any advice is appreciated! And please, don’t give me shit! Just want to see what other people think :face_with_monocle:

They are very different sounds. Digitone is almost crystalline in quality, sound amazing and clean.
MegaFM is as you know, the FM chip from a Sega mega drive/genesis and has a very different dirtier sound.


The character of old FM chips isn’t really something you can achieve with external processing. A good alternative would be to get the Digitone for ease of use and use it to sequence a TX81z or FB01 for when you need the crusty old Yammy sound.


Somehow I had never heard of either of these. Thank you for this.


It is good to be handy with a soldering iron when seeking out these old synths and FX units. I replaced the display in my TG77 and recapped the power supply in my TX81z. The TG33 needed a new battery and the old one was soldered in. None of these were big projects, but a vintage synth can be an intimidating first project.

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I can’t replicate the sound of the MegaFM with anything. Period.
It’s wild.

It’s so wild, I can’t even tell if mine is working like it’s supposed to. It might be broken, but I don’t even care, it sounds so cool, lol.

I only had the Digitone for a few months before I sold it. Never really got inspired by the sound at all.
The MegaFM has “holy shit” moments all the time,


It’s on my dream synth list :heart:

MEGAfm is a synth with a very particular character. Its grittiness and bit reduced sound is almost impossible to recreate with Digitone and in my opinion both complement each other quite well.
If you don’t want the MEGAfm (for whatever reason… I highly recommend it) you might also want to check out Korg’s opsix.
With the opsix you’re able to reconstruct some of the FM algorithms of the MEGAfm and add some aliasing and roughness to the sound thanks to bit crushers and doseable artifacts. As I’m such a big fan of the MEGAfm I tried to recreate one of the algos and was surprised by the result. Sure it’s still missing that dubby noise floor, MEGAfm delivers charmingly. But nevertheless I found it quite convincing as an alternative.

You can hear it in the video at 2:00

And as a reference point some of the dub chords created with MEGAfm


It’s definitely cool to have if you already have some synths you like. I wouldn’t recommend it as an “only” synth.

Also, I still don’t know shit about FM synthesis, I don’t think the DT or MegaFM got me much farther in that regard, but I will say, just having everything out in front of me on the MegaFM makes a much more enjoyable and intuitive programming experience.
People say the DT makes FM “easier”. Not for me it didn’t.

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Very good suggestion. Thank you for this!

Oh yeah definitely a niche synth. But these days I am more interested in the unique sounding stuff.

The other “odd duck” in my collection is the Quadrantid Swarm

It’s equally as wild as the MegaFM

The one that is on my radar, but I can’t find it anywhere is the Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900


Yeah I’ve had my eye on the 3900 too.
I have a 0coast, great little synth.
I’ll have to checkout the swarm…

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0coast kicks ass!

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There’s one mv39k for sale on the forum ! I have one and it’s a keeper .

You can certainly get fairly close with an FB-01 but lack of live modulation is a big drawback.

Sound examples:

If you’re happy to use software the Plogue Chipsynth MD is an amazing emulation.

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Interesting, I haven’t looked at the 3900 much. Would you put in the weird and wild category with the Swarm and MegaFM?

Just picked up a MegaFM, looking forward to failing to tame it :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It might not be as wild as those, but in the demos, it sounds different and cooler than the everyday usual suspects, to me.
It’s got some interesting features. Also, I’m looking for something with wave-folding.

Oh right the one with the blue leds. Pitts does some nice semi-modulars. Another one with a wavefolder is the not yet released Majella Implexus. Looks to be a beautiful build. No patch points though.

Just got the MegaFM today. So far I’m getting some crazy sounds out of it, and it’s so much fun having all those sliders.