Mellotron Micro

I really want one of these. I know it’s crazy to want to spend that much money on what is essentially a rompler, but I still really want one.

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Very cool but yeah, this is one of the things I’m planning on MPC Live ‘becoming’. Spend a day making Keygroup instruments from the sounds in M-Tron Pro. Won’t be as nice as the dedicated hardware and possibly not quite as flexible in some ways, but it’ll take up no space/cables and do for when I’m not near my computer :wink:

You could get this CD-ROM straight from the same company, which is already formatted for Akai; it costs $199 though.

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Thanks for the link, I’m skint atm tho :confused: I’ll take the ghetto option :wink:

Did you ever end up getting the mellotron micro? I’m trying really hard to convince myself it’s not worth it :slight_smile: