Menos: Rytm and led visuals (via Overbridge)

When Overbridge was first announced, I immediately thought about using it as a way to generate live visuals. After a long time experimenting, I finally premiered this project, entitled Menos, last week.

All sounds come from the Analog Rytm. I have created a library of samples using a custom Max for Live patch, doing a sort of bizarre FM synthesis. Those sounds were uploaded to the Rytm and everything was composed there, mixing those samples with the synthesis engines.

Live, the computer is only used to generate the visuals. Via Overbridge, I get the signal from the individual channels and those are analysed in a Max patch I wrote and sent to the led bars via DMX. Actually I don’t even have to touch the computer: when I change patterns, the midi program change message is also sent to the patch and changes all settings accordingly (if a sound is on the first or second row, the color, the gain and so on).

As this is real sound analysis and not pre programmed visuals, I’m completely free to improvise and change the sounds in real time. The visuals will change accordingly.

Anyway, I really wanted to share this kind of Overbridge use with you guys. Hope you like it!

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this is awesome! especially the combination with Max MSP and the visuals!

Do you plan any longer A/V shows?

So awesome. :+1: Really inspiring to see this use of RYTM and overbridge to achieve great live performance visuals. I’d come to your shows!

Hey, I’m really glad you liked it! Thank you so much.
This is actually my second endeavour in A/V shows. The first one was a completely different kind of music, much more rock oriented, and a much bigger structure. It is called Orquestra Vermelha (“Red Orchestra”, in portuguese). This video telling about the whole project has english subtitles:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
When I first heard of Overbridge, this was the very first thing I thought. Streaming audio from different channels independently is amazing for generating visuals! Got more interested in that then using it to produce music.

good stuff. nice to see this potential.


thank you! glad you liked it!

Obrigado! \o/