Merge the MPC threads

Lots of people in the mpc threads asking to merge it, they all run the same OS and software and have the same features. It’s annoying following all the threads. All agreed say aye


Merging may not work as expected, could leave a bit of a dog’s dinner on the timeline. It could be simpler to retire one thread and rename the remaning one (plus link to the existence of both from both)


Sounds good to me

From that search there are a few related topics - is it just the “One” topic which is redundant or are there more from the selection below or that (or other) search

I have no horse in the MPC race so product understanding is exactly zero wrt making calls

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It’s the “MPC Live & MPC X” and “Akai MPC One” threads that have the most active overlap. If merging has complications then I’d vote for renaming the Live & X thread to include all models and locking the MPC One thread with a pointer there - the Live / X is the oldest and longest thread, and is more likely to have useful info.


I vote for this solution!


One thread retired per request, so continue the combined discussion here (retitled Live X topic) … MPC Thread : MPC Live - MPC X - MPC One