Meris LVX

Because the pedal is being referred to as ‘she’?

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Yes, and that there’s this display dummy barefeet in a belly top waiting to be picked up in the dark?


aww, is the belly distracting you?

The picture and caption are in line with previous product launch posts from Meris.


Yeah, however contrived or pretentious it could be deemed, it’s their product and narrative. Never name an instrument?

Would echo @SeanBonham - would love to see what they could do in the loopy/granular realm.

One really gotta be a boy to not see what’s wrong in this narrative. How could a girl feel ok in that situation? She gotta be praying as hard as she can the human driving that car is a woman.
It’s a fantasy! alright. But that’s defenitely a boy’s fantasy.
That’s inappropriate to me, and even more because unnecessary. There was absolutely no reference to sex in the Model Cycles teasing with the little videos, and I think it was just the best teasing I’ve ever seen.
Meris can do better.

Anyway, going for “LUX” for the name too, considering these lights in the dark. Can’t expect anything because I know they’re gonna surprise me anyway!


Below the subject’s feet are some glyphs, she is actually not even real but a decoy, quite possibly a weapon to lure and destroy the danger which the primitive “female = vulnerable” mind imagines when they see this image.

It could be a still from the best feminist action film you’ve never seen, but at it’s simplist it’s a play on one of the oldest hollywood horror movie tropes in the book, in which the hitchhiker is the killer.

Furthermore, this entire post was in all likelihood conjured up by Jinna Kin.

One really gotta be a child not to have seen any grown up movies.


Last politics

I get (and like) what youre saying, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to employ artistic expression for a product to be consumed. They are referring to the product as “she””: they’re ascribing gender to a pedal. It’s sexist and lame.

I’m not gonna bang on about this.

Despite that, still looking forward to it.


Fair enough… however Meris’ products have all been marketed as having some sort of poetic, film, mythological, astronomical or cultural inspiration and they evidently seek to create a small universe around their products. I don’t see the point in getting all bent out of shape over a little narrative.

If anything i’d say Meris’ marketing juxtaposes positively with sexism in the guitar pedal landscape… ie.

Electroharmonix Big Muff, Monsterpiece Scratchy Snatch, Metasonix Butt Probe, Dirty Sanchez Fuzz, Loud Button Electronics Balls Deep Clean Shaven Overdrive, Way Huge Camel Toe Overdrive, OCD, etc…


That I can agree with. Maybe not intentional…or perhaps convoluted…but certainly not explicitly juvenile.

Let’s wait for the payoff before we pass judgement. Let Meris finish their story first, listen and then engage.


You guys would flip out if you learn there’s languages where all objects and things are either masculine or feminine, including products. :scream:


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+1 haha But at least in spanish almost all the effects are masculine, and pedals in general too.

Didn’t Meris also give a somewhat female personality to that Hedra pedal of theirs?

edit: although I gotta admit, that teaser picture is oozing with kitsch

edit2: @rareo already mentioned the personality thing… oh well :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t say “flip out” considering activists have long sought to change it.

Still, English doesn’t require it, so there’s no reason to call a pedal “she” (if this is in fact a pedal)

Well, this thread is off to a good start :roll_eyes:




Hope it’s not a straight granular as I think we have enough of those, though I expect they would do a good job at one if it were. The letters are spliced up…could be…

What are they missing in their lineup?


Compressor? :roll_eyes:

Rythmic flanger looper-ish stuff!

Maybe it is their time for a micro looper ala Mood, Microcosm, etc. They seem to take an idea for a pedal, and then go extra with it. So I would be curious to see what they could do in that style.