Mesmerizing music videos

Last night I was hanging out with my two sons and decided to play some music videos.

I put on this Max Cooper / Kevin McGloughlin video I thought was great from a couple of years ago.

My 1 year old son climbed up on my lap to watch it with me. He kept saying “oh wow” :joy: it was adorable. My 3 year old son (who has autism and loves visual and auditory stimulation) just stood right and front of the TV staring the entire time and didn’t move. He never stops moving.

Looking for more recommendations along these lines for evening music and video hangouts. Thanks!

Edit: Also for me, it’s therapeutic and re-grounds me in the importance of music and art in my life and humans in general.


Here’s a bit glitchy one. I’m assuming all done by manual video signal bending/mangling.

The song is also amazing

Adding these as well:


Thanks! I’ll check it them out :slight_smile:

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Really cool to hear about the impact it had on your eldest. I have a neurodiverse 11 y/o I’ve just bought a cycles for as a Xmas present. Hoping she’ll connect with it and have some fun.

Also looking into vj software myself to dip my toe in creating some visual/video to go with my music. I mean, I have about zero time, but I can dream - haha!


Looks extremely similar at first glance haha thanks!

I’ll watch all the recommendations posted here in their entirety and make a play list!

Thanks ahead of time everyone :slight_smile:

I know you’ll do better than YouTube algorithms :wink:

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He was always all about visual stimulation. In the last weeks he’s started putting his ear up to things instead or as well.

For example, when I fill his water bottle he puts his ear up to the cup to listen to the rising pitch of the water as it fills.

I’m trying to combine awesome sounds and visuals for him, hence this thread. Anything to get him interested in communication of any kind (since he has very little interest in communication currently).

I hope your plan works out. Keep trying things no matter how crazy they seem.


I remember you posting this a while back, I’ll give it a good viewing and listen! Thanks Craig!

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100% same boat with you!
I used to build racing drones and have an older Mavic Pro. I should put them to more use for music videos. Assuming they still work after years in storage… Also, no time, but it’s a happy thought.

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Koyaanisqatsi, part of a trilogy.

Powers of Ten

Everything on Cyriak’s channel:

DIY Vacuum tube:

Ten hour arctic train ride:

4K walking videos are also a thing


He already watches these :wink:


Definitely mesmerizing at first glance, thanks (as always).

I definitely like the idea of Mesmerizing + Mesmerizing Music for this playlist. Things where you just have no choice but to stop watch and listen :slight_smile:

All ideas are welcome though, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.


That cows one might be right up my youngest son’s alley :joy:

All three are spellbinding, especially in the cinema.

Rose Kallal makes intriguing 16mm films:

While Jean Painlevé is also another filmmaker whose works (some with Geneviève Hamon) are best seen on a big screen if possible - not all of these have music, some have narration, but turn down the sound and make your own as needed… I saw Zombie Zombie do so at the Louvre a number of years ago and I wish they could release the live set plus films in some form or other:

And Yo La Tengo did a series of live soundtracks to his films as well:

My whole aim with most of my music and all of my videos is to make things as hypnotic as possible, so here’s a few I think actually work (and that I rewatch too):


Ah, I’m going to delete my post above then to keep it all on topic and truly mesmerising, then :slight_smile:

But I’ll add this as it’s always mesmerised me:


Wrap you peepers round this fucker then.


A weird mixture of several styles I frickin’love:


It would be a terrible shame if this innocent query were to … lead to GAS.