Message like "Sound pool full"


I get a message like “Sound pool full” when I want to add a sound to a Trig in the sound bank! whether it is in 64 steps 48.32, 16 steps yet the memory is not full, if there is a way to empty a cache or something like that I am interested in all information :ok_hand:

The Locks folder must be full.
Open that folder by pressing Func & the Machine button, then turn the Level Data knob all the way to the right until you reach the Locks folder
Go to Step Recording mode by pressing the Record button,
Delete the unused sounds one by one by pressing the Level Data knob on each sound. It’ll ask if you want to delete that sound, press yes and repeat on all the sounds you want to delete from the Locks folder.

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Thanks for the tip, I thought it was somewhere :+1:

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