Micromonsta midi problem

I have a problem with my new micromonsta. When I play the micromonsta with the digitakt in keyboard mode I hear sound though th digitakt (direct monitoring on). However, when I program a sequence on the digitakt and hit play I get no sound from the micromonsta. Any suggestions??

Obvious, I know,however have you checked the midi settings on the Micromonsta to receive? I remember having to set some bits in the global menu before it would play nicely.

Think so, otherwise i don’t think it would receive when I play the digitakt ‘keyboard ‘ (which it does).

Sorry. It’s late. Yeah that would make sense!

I had a bit of difficulty with it changing settings each time I stopped the DT. I’m so sorry I can’t remember what it was. The guy that makes them is a member here though, which might yield better results than my incoherent ramblings

did you accidentally have the midi channel muted? check both green and purple mute, when it is muted the sequencer wont trigger notes but you can still manually trigger.


I just turned the studio off for the night but I bet it’s that! I’ll report back tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

All sorted. Must have been tired last night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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