Microphone to Digitakt FXs (mic to line level suggestions)

Ey! With the latest OS we finally have FX for the external inputs, the first thing I did was run my Mopho X4 through the wonderful reverb and delay on the DT and of course it was amazing. In my live setup I use vocals which I currently process with a small analog mixer reverb (not so good) and a Boss Space Echo pedal (FX send).

I was thinking it would be awesome to have the vocals running through the same FXs to be in the same sonic space as everything else (also the compressor can do a lot for vocals), but the inputs in the DT are for line level intruments and mic signals are too weak.

Do you people have any recommendations as to how to achieve a line level from a mic in the simplest way?

Mic > mixer > aux sends / bus > DT > mixer



Thanks for the answer, but both threads are about sampling and recording mics (the solution there was a voice recorder with line out) and not live performing, like singing in a live situation.

That seems like the only choice, I was hoping to avoid the mixer completely and use just the DT.

Have you considered to make a simple preamp powered y 9V battery? Im not sure about the sound quality,should be enough for the voice frequencies


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it’s not possible to route an iPhone’s mic through the FXs, right? Would be such a killer feature…

Thanks everyone. The preamp route seems like the best option without requiring a whole mixer, just found a small one on amazon, gonna try it.

EDIT: It requires phantom power, so it will not work for this setup.

What about a battery powered mic like a Rode nt3?

I think this kind of preamp requier a phantom power.
Maybe something Like the berhinger Mic100 or Art tube mp is cheap and will work better for this purpose.
I’m considering buying one to use the DT as an audio soundcard for vocals.

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Eventide Mixing Link

This will do the job, though it might be overkill.


You are right, it does require phantom power, didn’t knew about the Behringer options.

I would just get a simple microphone preamp - like this one:

I’m sure you can find it (or a behringer clone) in any largish music store. It’s not super big, the sound is quite good (not the sweetest tule preamp but hey - it also doesn’t cost hundreds of euros), and in addition to running a livemic through digitakt fx you can use it to get really clean samples of all kinds if random objects. This is what I mostly use it for - found sound sampling on Digitakt at the home studio, and for that it works magic.


Used a Art MP for years. A little noisy but works great as a simple preamp.


I have one on sale I didn’t use very much. It lacks an eq.

Hmm… just saw this mic here which gets used by streamers a lot: HyperX Quadcast - it is a USB microphone with a 3,5mm jack for monitoring. I wonder if it’s an easy way without buying preamps etc pp to have a “proper” mic for the DT

used for 80 bucks - the new super shiny rgb led version 180 (which looks fantastic - I love rgb animations on a mic :sweat_smile:)

Finaly, after much thought, i choosed this one.
It seems very easy to use and i found it for 50€used. It does Eq, compression, deessing, and has a “tube” emulation. I Like the idea of something simple, hope it will fit well with the digitakt, and not provoke clip and Feedback. I took an hypercardiod mic to prevent that. Will do a video to show that working.

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Waiting for that video!

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Very curious how that pedal worked out, I love using a mic into my AH but it’s annoying to have to set up a little mixer.

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Sorry for my very late answer…
It didn’t worked as expected, the output of the pedal is at mic level, so the signal on the DT was very low and unusable…hopefully I sold it the same price I bought it…
So don’t but it if you plan to plug it in the DT! :wink: