Midi 2.0

If only Elektron would participate on MIDI 2.0 with Overbridge 2.0…

But the evolution of the next gen. MIDI standard is more painfully slower than Overbridge did so far…


hah I was just about to share this link … It’s good news I think, apparently there will be some demos at NAMM

A B O U T F R I C K N T I M E :+1:

everyone could use more bandwidth


interesting news and showing that the MIDI protocol is somehow moving forward with new features and possiblities. good that there’s also the intent of keeping backward compatibility. looking forward to what all this will bring :smiley:

tried reading up on the new features with midi 2.0. The big advantages (to me) seem to be higher resolution in cc’s. It seems the bidirectional communication is nice, but it takes up too many actual midi I/Os for me to actually use it in a larger setup…? Has anyone spotted big potential/features elsewhere? I may have overlooked some opportunities. Anyhow, the development looks solid and they seem to have thought it through!

there’s some videos in here :arrow_down: … but generally speaking it’s what can be built on top of MIDI 2.0 and not MIDI 2.0 itself that is interesting/exciting … also the fact that someone out there is trying to make it better :slight_smile:


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With midi 2.0 beginning to see some releases (eg the new roland keyboard) does anyone know if the spec allows for easier audio over midi?

Could we forsee a time where all new synths could simply plug into a computer by usb and transmit their audio directly over midi?

Is this a fantasy?

I’m a little confused here because I think that what you’ve described (audio+MIDI over USB) is entirely possible and being done today. Any audio interface that has MIDI is doing it, for instance.

EDIT: This response makes much less sense now that it has been moved. This edit is just for clarity.

MIDI is totally unrelated to audio, it’s dedicated to transmitting control data.


I’m just wondering why more synths dont have something like overbridge?
Transmitting the audio directly to a computer over usb?
I’m just thinking that if theres a higher data rate in midi 2.0 then maybe more people could bootstrap it to also transmit digital audio alongside the midi messages?

Nah MIDI is for control data only, won’t happen. There are already ways of transmitting audio over USB.


Audio-over-usb makes no sense for analog synths and a lot of digital synth already send their audio via usb. (Which is unrelated to midi).

Looking forward to the taming of JITTER!


Doesnt the analog 4 and analog rtym already do audio over usb with overbridge?
If you’re plugging your analog stuff into an audio interface then your doing audio over USB :o

I’m saying it makes no sense because if you keep a fully analog signal path then there is no A/D conversion, so making the conversion on your audio interface of choice makes more sense.

Of course a lot of synth have A/D and D/A conversion happenning in-the-box nowadays, but the point still stands.

I was speaking about USB-audio direclty from the device.

My SE02 has audio over USB. Not that I’ve ever availed myself of that functionality…

The SE-02 has a built-in delay, it’s not a pure analog signal path. There is a true bypass if you don’t use the delay, but then there is no benefit to using an internal A/D converter anyway, while for a Digital synth it makes sense to have a purely digital signal and skip a D/A A/D conversion to preserve the signal.

This is off-topic so I won’t continue this discussion, Midi is not Audio, and Midi 2.0 (and further) won’t change that.

Audio data has nothing to do with MIDI data.


Audio over usb/ midi is just data too. I was wondering if a unified audio data format could exist and if MIDI 2.0 could in theory become that.

Negative, it will not become that.