MIDI activity lights


I’m using the Digitone as a glorified sound module to respond to notes triggered by an external sequencer.

The connection works fine, I can send it MIDI notes and hear the results.

However, I can’t see any activity lights or other indicators on the Digitone when it receives an event in the MIDI IN port. The Octatrack has at least a single pixel illuminate when it gets MIDI, I’m hoping for something similar.

Does such a feature exist on the Digitone? My internet search has yielded no answers.



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two ways that i know of!

  1. press unison button (with the lips)
    and watch voices go by

  2. press FUNC+BANK to enter mute mode
    while in mute mode track buttons T1, T2, T3 and T4 will blink if they recieve a note input, works both internal and external

(muting only affects internal sequencer so you can mute tracks to not have them glow red, while using external midi)



Thanks for your reply.

I noticed, too, that if you just hold down FUNC, the T buttons temporarily flicker in response to note events.

Definitely need to check out the Voices settings, it looks like some really cool stuff can happen there.



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