Midi bug? Ot mkii to rytm mki

Hi folks,

Just got an ot mkii to complete the Trinity rytm mki and a4 mki yeah!

One more machine ten times the pain :slight_smile:

Setup is ot as Masters to a4 to rytm.
I validate all the midi com options between the three. channel 1 is set on the ot as a thru machine.

The weird thing is when I change the input setting from let’s say a+b to a b on it t1 then the volume of the kick on the rytm goes straight to zero. If I change the volume setting of t1 then it changes the pitch of the kick…
Looks like some over weird stuff is going on the a4 as well.

Is it a bug? Am I missing something in the midi mapping setting?

Don’t really want to dig to deep into that rabbit hole… I tried to cancel all program send/receive between the three just keeping the clock but then it s a pain to start them all together…

Is anyone got the same thing? Any ideas or workaround?


Nope. Look at cc out from one to the other or cc in. Ps there is a specific bugs discussion topic for each device. Welcome to the forum

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Thanks for the rapid answer.
So I went to the midi control page for audio.
I checked out on any in options and set the out options to int only.
Not sure why but looks like it works so far!!!
Back into making dirty amator beats!!!
Really looking forward to be able to link smoothly songs into a full set!