MIDI CC for play/stop/record on Digitone/Four MKII/Rytm MKII

Hey people,

So, looking for dvice on MIDI as I’m a total novice.

I’ve recently managed to hook up an Alesis VI25 to my Analog Four MKII, Analog Rytm MKII and Digitone so I can the keyboard to control all tracks on each machine…not so much the Rytm.

What I’m looking to do is trigger live recording/play/stop on each machine via the Alesis. Is this possible? If so, does anyone know the MIDI CC values as I’m struggling to find them in the manual…they might not be there, who knows.

Hope someone can help.

Nope, you can’t get the Elektrons to listen for Record mode setting, it has to be done manually on the device

But play/pause and stop are standard MIDI transport messages (not CC) that some controllers can send - most decent midi devices have a compatibility chart included at the end of their respective manuals spelling stuff like this out (wrt send(Tx) transport)


Thanks for getting back to me, man.

I suspected as much. The Alesis seems to be compatible as I’ve managed everything I needed to do…bar the recording thing obviously.

Any idea what I’d need to do to setup the Transport messages on the Alesis? I’ve managed CC stuff but have no idea about Transport messages.

Hope you’re well, man.

I don’t know the controller, but it clearly caters for transport somehow with the dedicated buttons, whether you can customise general buttons is something you’d need to dig through the menus/manual for - just try the Alesis play/stop and be sure to setup the Digitone to receive transport