Midi cc output latency

Since updating my mk1 to the current os, 1.30. My octatrack is outputting midi cc’s incorrectly. It seems like latency is the issue. Before the update everything worked fine. Is there a bug in regards to this issue

Hi, could you please be more specific? Something we could try to reproduce to help you?
EDIT: sorry, just saw you have a MkI, have a MkII but for other folks it would be helpful if you had a real world example


I have a MKI and can make a test.
What is the issue?
How to reproduce it?
I have bugs with 1.30B but I think all of them were also with 1.25X Os.

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Yeah, there’s no such bug being talked about… I’d try on a new project.
After OS update I always empty reset to initialize the RAM under the new OS, then save and reload the project just to make sure it’s all in the new OS format… Might not be necessary, but settles my ocd… :grin:

All projects?

Just one at I time as you use them, I’ve been building the same project for years and really only use that or a previous backup of the same, I think I probably only have 4 projects on the CF card and they are all iterations of the same one saved at key points. Ones that I save to new for experiments get deleted…

Edit: I always have to throw out that I’m a looper, it’s different for me. If I wanted to I could play a two hour set with a dozen completely different songs using just one OT pattern…

Hey thanks for the reply. More scenario os rather complex. I control a dmx light via the midi cc’s in the octatrack. Since upgrading there is latency when trying to control the fixture, like 30secs latency. Sometimes the light gets stuck on sometimes nothing happens at all. The weird thing is, i can control the light with other midi controllers just fine and I can control cc messages on other synths as well. Although, when I plug midi from the octatrack into my audio interface(rme ucx) it reads like it is recieving midi continuously. Even if I’m not sending anything…maybe I’m wondering of anything was changed as far as how midi messages are ouputted with the new os

30 secs latency ?

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That’s not latency. That’s a coffee break


This sounds like MIDI feedback. Unplug the MIDI IN on the OT if you have that connected.


Lfos set? They can send data even even if OT is stopped.

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+1 for midi feedback. Those are the symptoms. I suggest to run a midi monitor like MidiOx (on windows) and monitor what the OT is putting out.


All lfos are off, it is happening across all projects, and the fixture is the only device connected. It might be something in the code of the dmx controller but it is bizarre the fixture works beautifully with my interface as well as with my cheap mpk 25…

Not very likely unless you send unwanted messages from the OT to the DMX controller (like putting it in some special mode or controlling scenes or cues instead of real-time midi control… you didn’t give away many details.

and check against the DMX controller’s midi implementation chart

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I’m just sending cc1,2,3,4 to the light. I’m heading out for tour but will try and scan the ot when I return

the constant midi in read could be the ot clock if set to “send”

altho i hardly believe it, if you have the ot set to send clock, disable it and see if it makes any difference

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