MIDI CCs for track machine parameters

Are the Dual VCO machine’s MIDI CC param numbers documented anywhere? I noticed that they aren’t in the RYTM user manual, and the regular eight synth parameter CC’s from 16 through 23 do not have any effect on the Dual VCO’s parameters. Anyone know where to find the CC values?

I might just be doing something wrong. The CC’s for the Synth page aren’t working for any of my machines! (e.g. CC #24 works for the Sample page but CC #16 on the Synth page does not). Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Still, I don’t see the Dual VCO MIDI CC’s documented anywhere.

They fixed this in the latest OS, make sure you are updated.


Thanks @mekohler. I just tracked down this bug in the 1.50 OS bug thread and will update!

Sorry for the late reply. The CCs for the Dual VCO is indeed not in the AR manuals. Sorry about that. This will be remedied in the next upload of the manuals. Thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a sneak peak:

Level: CC16
Osc 1 Tune: CC17
Osc 1 Decay: CC18
Balance: CC19
Osc 2 Detune: CC20
Osc Config: CC21
Osc 2 Decay: CC22
Bend: CC23


Hi folks,

I’ve got a weird problem here. I can’t get the machines to respond to incoming CCs to modulate SWT, SWD, DEC etc. (CCs 16-23 on the respective channel).

I know everything is hooked up right becase I can mod the FILTR, AMP, LFO parameters via external CCs as expected.

Any ideas?

which OS ? see above

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Aha 1.50! Thanks, missed that one. jim

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