MIDI channel disabled?

Anyone know why the MIDI channel parameter is disabled? Changing the global settings doesn’t seem to have an affect.

is it like Octatrack that you have to press the associated knob to assign a channel?
did you try that?

I tried that. No dice I’m afraid. (I appreciate the help!)

Without wishing to sound rude, did you try the manual … this answer was 30 seconds away and I didn’t even have the manual at the start of the 30 seconds (1st page on MIDI section) …

… I say for the sake of those browsing the forum, if there are lots of elementary questions popping up as new threads for each teething issue it’ll soon be testing …


Here you can set the MIDI channel that the MIDI track should use to send data. Bank and program change values are also set here, together with a few standard CC parameters. The default value of the parameters on this page is OFF, meaning they are disabled and will not send out any data. Press and hold [FUNC] and then press the DATA ENTRY knobs to enable them. You can then use the DATA ENTRY knobs to set the parameter values as usual. Disable the parameters again by repeating the enabling procedure.


You’re right, it was staring me in the face in the manual. I did look. Not sure how I missed it. Perhaps just caught up in the excitement of a new machine.

I’ll try to stay away from this forum in the future, for fear of more RTFM.


That’s not the intention, there are a lot of users and a lot of single question/response threads will be harder to navigate … teething questions, especially during the understandable 1st days excitement may be better collated in a single thread

Besides, the forum isn’t just to get answers, it’s for answering questions and picking up info … that’s why it needs a bit of curating to keep it manageable … so don’t take it like that, contribute to the forum :thup: